MarketingTop Digital Marketing Strategies in Canada for 2023

Top Digital Marketing Strategies in Canada for 2023

So, it’s been one year since you launched the business and while you are still in business, sales are nowhere near where you would like them to be. What to do? The first thing is to contact a leading Canadian digital marketing agency and ask them to carry out an online audit to determine the strength of your digital footprint, which is free and without obligation. 

There are numerous services that a leading Canadian digital marketing agency offers small businesses; here is our list of the top digital marketing strategies that businesses are using in 2023.

  • Search engine optimization – Known as SEO, this is the art of boosting a website’s rankings within specific Google searches. Google is very secretive about the algorithms it uses, but, having said that, a good SEO technician knows enough to put your site on the first page of search results. SEO involves keyword research, content creation and link-building.
  • Social media marketing – Take Facebook as an example, there are two angles for marketing; you can place ad content on users’ feeds, plus you can generate a following by posting engaging content. A team of social media marketers promptly answer all comments; engaging with users develops a following and over a period of a few months, you could have a few thousand followers.
  • Pay Per Click advertising – This is when the advertiser pays the publisher ‘per click’ and with the award-winning King Kong digital marketing agency at the helm, your campaign is sure to be a success. From initial ad concept to real-time tweaking, a team of professionals work on your campaigns according to the digital marketing plan they put together. If you would like to explore the potential of Google Ads, search for a leading Canadian digital marketing agency and make an enquiry.
  • Outreach blogging – This is a great way to put links on the Internet; a team of content writers create blogs with links to the client’s landing page, which is a very effective way of attracting customers. The articles are posted on top-rated independent blog sites and you can order a set number of blogs per month for an ongoing campaign.

If you feel that your small business isn’t reaching all of your community, talk to a Canadian digital marketing agency and let the professionals work their magic.

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