CasinoTop 7 Cities To Meet Single Women While Traveling In Asia

Top 7 Cities To Meet Single Women While Traveling In Asia

There are so many great places to meet beautiful single women in Asia that you are spoiled for choice. If you have your heart set on Asian climates, city fun, or any other exciting dating time in your life, you’ll find your perfect city in our Top 7 cities to meet single women while traveling in Asia list.

In many of the cities we recommend, you can combine many of your interests to create the perfect atmosphere for meeting single women in Asia.

New Delhi

A trip to New Delhi is a mixture of stories, chaos, flowers, and diversity. And you will hardly ever be able to forget it. You can spend a month exploring the memorabilia of the Mughal Empire, mosques, forts, and monuments. The Red Fort in Delhi is a world heritage site.

It is one of the most famous buildings in all of India. Be sure to visit the bazaars, where there are many stalls with sweets, spices, and beautiful fabrics, and in the evening you can go to one of the Bollywood clubs in New Delhi. 1 day of stay in New Delhi will cost $21.32. In addition, it is a good city to meet Asian women.

Manila, the Philippines

Of course, there are more interesting cities in the Philippines than in the capital. And of course, Manila is just a stop on the way for travelers. However, you can spend a good day or two here and not worry about your budget. 1 day stay in Manila will cost $20.76. 

A good guide to conquering Filipino ladies will help you meet Filipino women and other Asian women more likely.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This is a city that is surrounded by rice fields and is located on the banks of the Thubon River. It is rightfully one of the most beautiful and cheapest cities in Vietnam. Hoi An will enchant you with its interwoven narrow streets where you can find restaurants, teahouses, temples, galleries, and shops famous for their cuisine.

The most popular places here are the Japanese Bridge and the Kuan Kong Temple. In these popular places you can easily meet Asian women. And the prices in Hoi An are very nice. 1 day of stay will cost $20.12. By the way, the probability of meeting beautiful single women in such places as tea houses is quite high.

Pokhara, Nepal

If you dream of adventures in beautiful nature and at the same time looking for Asian women, then Pokhara in Asia is the perfect place for you. It is one of the main tourist hubs in Nepal and the starting point for many wonderful hiking trails.

Surrounded by the mighty Annapurna mountain range, Pokhara offers many opportunities for outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, cycling, or paragliding. And the best thing about it is that considering the price, you can try everything and not go bankrupt. 1 day stay in Pokhara will cost $19.12.

What should you remember when going to Asia?

Asia is a region of contrasts. It is easy to get from a poor area to a prosperous and developed city and vice versa. In order to visit Asia, you don’t have to spend years on a trip if you know a few travel secrets. These secrets will make your journey easier and possibly help you find Asian women.


Card or cash? When traveling in Asia, you need to have both. Since the level of crime in the countries is quite high, cases of robbery are not uncommon. A card will always help you. It is worth remembering that ATMs in Asia are not found at every turn, and that each withdrawal involves a fee of about $5.


Some people think that there is no public transport in Asia, but this is not true. It is practically everywhere. If you arrive at night and want to save on transport, spend a few hours at the airport. In this way, you will avoid double or even triple the taxi fare, and you will not pay extra for the hours spent in the hostel.

What to take with you?

While traveling in Asia, there are many things you can buy along the way, but there are important little things to keep in mind. Sunscreen and a hat, an adapter for an outlet, necessary medicines, bank cards, and documents must go on a trip with you!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Former Saigon is an “explosive mixture” of shops, restaurants, museums, nightclubs, and noisy markets. Rent a dragon boat and take a river cruise to enjoy the sunset. Explore the city on a scooter, and at the end of the day have a cocktail at one of the many rooftop bars. 1 day of stay in Ho Chi Minh City will cost $20.45. 

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

In Thailand, it is called “the capital of the North” or an awesome place in Asia. Chiang Mai is an important stopover in the region, and a destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or the lively and bustling beach of Patong. 

Filled with ancient temples, the city is less crowded and slightly cheaper than Bangkok, so it is often chosen by expats and freelancers. 1 day stay in Chiang Mai will cost $20.

Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, which was the capital until 2005, still remains the main economic center of the country. First, attention is drawn to the Shwedagon Pagoda – a symbol of Buddhist spirituality and one of the most famous buildings in Myanmar. But that is far from all. 

Yangon, with its colonial buildings, Hindu temples, bustling shops, and amazing cuisine, takes pride of place among them. This very city in Asia is very beautiful, and in addition, you can meet beautiful single girls here.

Our specialists have also found for you a reliable source of the most interesting facts about tourism and its impact around the world. You can read these compiled statistics here. These facts will help you strike up a conversation with single Asian women.


What are the Top cities to meet single women while traveling in Asia?

Specialists in the dating and travel spheres analyzed a lot of information and found the top 7 cities to meet single women while traveling in Asia.

These cities in Asia are New Delhi, Manila in the Philippines, Hoi An in Vietnam, Pokhara in Nepal, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Yangon in Myanmar. You can read the description of the cities in this review.

What are the disadvantages of traveling solo in Asia?

Traveling solo can be difficult, especially if you also want to find Asian women for dating or friendship in addition to traveling.

  1. Finances.

In Europe, the most economical travel option is in a company of 4-5 people. You rent a car (and it’s even cheaper than using public transport), you live in an apartment (which is priced like a double room in a budget hotel), you can cook together with cheap products from the supermarket (it’s not so budget-friendly for yourself).

  1. Planning and organization.

In a group, it is logical when everyone takes on one of the organizational aspects: someone hunts for cheap tickets, another spends hours digging through booking and Airbnb in search of the perfect accommodation, and the third looks for interesting and non-trivial curiosities on the spot, etc. When you delegate “powers” to yourself, there is simply no one.

  1. Safety.

As you know, beating the father in a group is easier. When you are alone, very significant limitations appear. Starting from trips to nature in Asia – such as in the mountains or swimming in the ocean, and ending with interaction with other representatives of the Homo sapiens species.

How likely am I to meet a single woman while traveling in Asia?

To make sure you find one beautiful woman in Asia, read on for generic tips on the right way to date Asian single women. These tips will definitely make it easier for you to find single women for dating and other relationships that you are looking for. 

Why should you travel alone in Asia?

If you are a man or a woman who loves all things Asian, and also want to find Asian women, but keep putting off the trip. So here are some additional facts about why you should start your travel alone in Asia.

  1. Complete freedom.

You can build your route and plans for the day based only on your own interests. Do you want to get up early in the morning to meet the sunrise? Or, on the contrary, to sleep until 12 noon? Please! 

If you like shopping and museums – no problem. You can walk for hours until your legs fall off or do absolutely nothing all day – and you don’t have to prove to anyone why this is a great plan for today.

  1. Deeper immersion in the country.

When you are with friends, there is simply no need to actively communicate with locals. When you are alone, you actively interact with locals and other travelers. And who else will tell and show you the country as much as possible if not the locals?

Why is there a trend of single women traveling?

Today, women are no longer afraid to travel alone and want to discover the world on their own without being tied to a company, family, or friends. Why not? Solo travel for women gives a sense of freedom, increases self-esteem, and self-confidence, and gives an opportunity to meet new people and explore places that have been dreamed of for a long time.

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