Auto4 Things to Think About Before Buying an Old Mercedes-Benz

4 Things to Think About Before Buying an Old Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is an oldie but a goldie. There is a huge demand for old and vintage Mercedes-Benz cars in the market, as early versions of Mercedes-Benz cars used to be hand-made and featured authentic parts. 

We won’t wonder or be shocked if some say that they own an 80’s Mercedes-Benz that runs fine right now. This is the beauty of a vintage Mercedes-Benz car. Even if it’s old, it never loses its sheen and rides with pride.

But this isn’t going to happen with every purchase. Some old Mercedes cars can be a headache if they don’t feature original engines and other parts. Also, buying an old Mercedes will become never-ending trouble if you don’t find a reliable servicing partner.

Well, if you wish to crack a great deal on a used Mercedes-Benz car, check out this post, as it educates you on the top factors that matter in the deal.

#1 – Always find and decode the VIN

The car you’re interested in could be older than you. There are still many 80s built Mercedes on the market. So, how could you gather information about such an old car? Well, you need to get the VIN of the car and perform a VIN check.

Every existing car has a unique VIN that tells tons of things about a car. For instance, when and where the car was built, which engine type is used inside the car, what’s the model number, and the serial number of the car. If a Mercedes is too old, you might face trouble finding manuals or paper-based information about all these things.

But, as the VIN remains imprinted on the vehicle from the day of manufacturing until the day it goes into the scrap yard, one can easily retrieve this information. All you need is an advanced VIN decoder that features an exhaustive VIN database. Enter VIN, and the platform will decode it in no time.

With extensive Mercedes VIN lookup and reports, you can even find out the entire car history, including: 

  • Structural damage happened 
  • Parts duplication 
  • Lawsuits filed or legal disputes faced by the car 
  • Pending fines and so on 

All this information will help you find out the actual worth of this old beauty and ensure that you’re not buying lemons. 

#2 – Look for a reliable maintenance partner 

Before you plan to buy an old Mercedes, you need to find out who will take care of its maintenance. A Mercedes is a high-maintenance car, so be ready to spend a fortune if any serious fault occurs. 

Apart from the cost, there is one more aspect of Mercedes maintenance, and that’s not finding a trusted maintenance partner if the car model is too old. 

The young breed of car mechanics won’t have hands-on experience with a vintage Mercedes car. As the used Mercedes may even feature some outdated parts, they won’t be able to understand them and fix the issues instantly. You have to find a seasoned mechanic for your used Mercedes car. 

Honestly speaking, you should look for a Mercedes mechanic before the car. 

#3 – It’s fuel consuming 

Are you ready to spend a lot of money on fuel because Mercedes-Benz isn’t fuel-friendly? Its engine is super thirsty and seeing the soaring fuel price, you have to spend a lot to keep the car running. What’s worth noting here is that only US-Mercedes users have to deal with this high fuel consumption. The rest of the world is offering Mercedes a highly-efficient engine. 

#4 – Is it possible to run a code scan   

You must ensure that the seller is permitting a complete code scan to spot any faulty codes. There are multiple scanners, like iCarsoft MB II and Launch Creader VII, that will help you do a quick and efficient code scan on your desired car. The scanner will help you find out the health of the car’s control units and spot any issues before signing the deal. 

Wait, Think, And Then Buy 

Owning a vintage Mercedes is indeed a matter of pride, but only if you have a functional, original, and tension-free vehicle by your side. Do a little hard work and check the VIN, hunt down a reliable maintenance partner, understand that it’s a fuel-consuming vehicle, and don’t hesitate to perform a scanner to spot any faulty codes.

With these things in mind, it’s very unlikely to sign a bad deal. So, get ready to become the proud owner of a classic and vintage Mercedes-Benz. 

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