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The Benefits Of Abstaining From Alcohol

Despite alcohol being one of the most common substances consumed in the world, more and more people are beginning to wonder if the benefits of abstaining from alcohol are worth it.

Consuming alcohol frequently can cause long-lasting damage to the human body. It harms the organs, weakens the immune system, and increases the risk of cancer. The brain is the first organ to face the effects of alcohol abuse.

You feel disoriented, dizzy, and confused after binge drinking. The following day you’ll have a headache and feel groggy. Other symptoms include low body temperature and nausea. Over time, alcohol begins to affect other organs as well, which can result in chronic illnesses and a lower quality of life.

Since drinking disrupts the chemical balance in your body, affecting levels of dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, opioid peptides and serotonin, it can greatly impact mental health.

Alcohol is known to be a depressant and the intoxicated euphoria is often followed by “post-drinking blues”. Reducing alcohol consumption or abstaining from it entirely can turn your life around in many ways.

Deciding to Detox at Home

Reports suggest that over half a million people depend on alcohol to cope with trauma. But only 4% seek actual treatment for AUD (alcohol use disorder).

However, now in the UK, you can detox at home and it is much easier to seek help. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence endorses an all-inclusive evaluation, followed by medically supervised rehab or at-home detox.

Professional addictions counsellor can carefully design a treatment plan for abstinence for people with severe to moderate alcohol dependency. The greatest benefit of the at home alcohol detox programs is that you can recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Psychological Benefits Of Not Drinking Alcohol

Abstaining from alcohol can cause a major improvement in mental health. After quitting, you can expect to see more mood stability. It also helps your body rest better. Once your sleeping is no longer disrupted, and sleep patterns are improved, your metabolism, and general health would have improved as well.

When you quit drinking, your mental health is where you see major development. Since your mood is better, you have the patience to do activities that stimulate your brain. Your sleep schedule has improved too.

Benefits Of Abstaining From Alcohol

The biggest effect of sobriety happens within the brain cells. Depending on the amount of alcohol you consume, these take place quickly. Within a week or two, you’ll see your problem solving, memory, focus and critical thinking capabilities improving. It can also help improve nutritional deficiencies related to drinking.

Better-Looking Skin

Drinking alcohol heavily causes harm to your skin. Indulging in binge drinking reduces collagen levels, causing the skin to sag, inflame, and get other skin disorders. It also leads to jaundice and dehydration as your water intake lessens.

Since the water intake is so low, your skin suffers. Once you abstain from alcohol, it eventually restores elasticity to your skin. Yellowing and redness of your complexion also disappear slowly, leaving healthier and better-looking skin.

Improved Immunity

Alcohol destructively hinders your immune system, preventing it from creating sufficient white blood cells to combat bacteria and germs. Abstaining from alcohol improves your immunity, as you’re no longer subjecting your body to harmful chemicals.

Chronic drinking causes many disorders which you can avoid once you cut alcohol from your life. Your immune system now has a better chance of staying healthy.

Enhanced Nutrition

Drinking deprives your body of crucial nutrients. Many individuals forgo meals to drink excessively. This makes them consume less food that provides adequate carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fat.

Many binge drinkers are malnourished because of this. Once you quit alcohol, your hunger returns, making your body absorb nutrients.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Alcohol is a renowned pollutant. When you consume more alcohol, the risk of developing some kind of cancer is high. The categories of these cancers include rectal and colon cancer, liver cancer, laryngeal cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and oral cancer.

Mood Stability

Since alcohol causes chemical imbalance in the brain, emotions and moods can be dysregulated. This makes it tough to cope with daily life since happiness and distress can come and go very quickly. Quitting alcohol can put a stop to this and stabilise your emotional state.

Better Sleep

Sleeping patterns can get severely disrupted due to drinking. Passing out and then waking up without proper rest can take a toll on the body and cause irritability and exhaustion. Around 35 and 70% of people who drink alcohol frequently have insomnia.

Alleviates Psychological Disorders

People who cope with depression and anxiety disorders through alcohol become extremely dependent on the substance, and their disorders can get worse without drinking.

After abstinence, the body learns to regulate on its own rather than with the help of a substance. It can also open doors to therapy and medication that can help with the disorders.


Since each person is different, so is their journey of recovery. But everyone can benefit from abstaining from alcohol.

#1 Alcohol can negatively harm you in many ways, both, psychologically and physically. Abstinence carries a lot of benefits.

#2 Don’t worry if the benefits of alcohol abstinence take time to show. Be patient, they will be worth it.

#3 You feel healthier once alcohol is flushed from your system.

#4 Your emotions, overall health, and sleep patterns will eventually become better.

#5 When you go without alcohol for a longer period, you see even more improvements in your health.

Detoxing at home in the UK is possible under medical supervision. Seek help today.

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