TravelQuick & Confidential Drug Testing Locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Quick & Confidential Drug Testing Locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Since the early 20th century, Tulsa in Oklahoma has been renowned as the ‘Oil Capital of the World.’ Having its economy primarily shaped by oil fields, Tulsa has at least 100 major oil companies within its boundaries.

As of 2024, the city has a total population of a little over 410,000. It is the second-most populous city in the state and also the highest-performing metropolitan. Naturally, some of the most lucrative jobs belong to the quarrying and oil extraction industries.

Besides, the hospitality and construction industries have also seen substantial growth within the last year. Now, the problem is that these industries also carry a high risk of substance abuse. The US national security is already hanging in the balance due to illegal drugs. It appears that Tulsa may contribute to the national threat in 2024.

This means that workplace drug testing is of utmost importance within the state of Oklahoma in general and the city of Tulsa in particular. This article will touch upon the current substance abuse trends within Tulsa, along with the need for confidential and reliable drug testing services.

Substance Abuse and Drug Possession Trends in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The last released report on Tulsa’s drug abuse and overdose trends surveyed the year 2017 to 2021. It was found that throughout these years, Tulsa held a national rank of 19 in terms of drug overdose deaths. The most vulnerable group was those between the ages of 45 and 54.

When it came to non-fatal substance abuse hospitalization rates, Tulsa ranked third in the US. At least 735 people lost their lives from unintentional drug overdose, and around 3,109 were hospitalized. The following years were also bleak from this viewpoint.

In 2022, a drug cartel was arrested in Tulsa, involving three men who had marijuana and methamphetamine in their possession. In the same year, eight more were arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration for possession of illicit drugs and firearms.

According to Health Street, citywide efforts like the Tulsa Anti-Recidivism Misdemeanor Diversion (TURN) are underway to provide individuals with substance abuse disorders a better alternative than incarceration. It is a free six-month program that focuses on stabilization and relationship building through counseling, housing, and better employment opportunities.

Importance of Privacy and Confidentiality in Drug Testing 

Just like regular drug testing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, contributes to a safe working environment, so does confidentiality in the process. The results of such tests involve sensitive information that must be used with discretion.

Failure to handle employee test results privately can have serious consequences, including damage to the employee’s reputation and ruined career prospects. Privacy must become a part of the entire drug testing process, not just when the results are out.

In other words, employers across Tulsa, especially those from high-risk industries, must maintain confidentiality during sample collection. Steps should be taken to minimize intrusion in the form of alternative testing methods and the use of private restrooms. Finally, drug testing records must comply with applicable local laws.

Strategies to Safeguard Privacy During Workplace Drug Testing

The city of Tulsa allows its private employers to conduct drug tests in case of reasonable suspicion regarding an employee. Random tests can also be conducted to ensure a safe working environment for all.

When employers schedule these tests with confidentiality, it helps foster trust, reduces the stigma, prevents gossip and rumors, and boosts employee morale and productivity. Let’s look at three key strategies that can help safeguard privacy during the testing procedure.

Choosing a Reputable Test Provider

It is crucial to select a drug testing provider who maintains complete privacy and care before, during, and after the tests. An example would be measures like tamper-evident specimen containers that keep information safe and out of notorious hands.

Rigorous Staff Training

All staff members must be trained to safeguard employee privacy throughout the testing process. This must start right from the time of sample collection until the results are reported. It will prevent unintentional breaches caused by a lack of awareness.

Written Policy

Employers must prepare and publish a written policy within the organization that clearly outlines the company’s commitment to maintaining drug testing confidentiality. The policy must include instructions on how test results are to be stored, shared, accessed, and disclosed (only through authorized personnel).

Top Drug Testing Service Providers in Tulsa 

There are plenty of drug testing service providers operating within Tulsa. It can seem overwhelming to choose the right one. Listed below are three of the most experienced and reliable of the lot. 

Tomo Drug Testing

This company was established in 1991 and has branches in four other states. The specialists at Tomo Drug Testing specialize in certified alcohol and drug tests with complete DOT compliance. Some of the commonly available tests include urine, hair follicle, fingernail, and oral tests. 

Health Street

Founded in 2010, this company specializes in all kinds of DOT and non-DOT drug screenings. With branches in 13 locations across Tulsa, it allows employers to choose the test and location. The person concerned is sent a registration barcode and map for the chosen location. The reports are digitally delivered, maintaining 100% privacy.

Weaver Drug Testing Lab

Quality coupled with affordability is the primary focus of this drug screening lab, founded four decades ago. Operating mainly from Tulsa, OK, this lab specializes in conducting 5 and 10-panel tests, background checks, DOT drug tests, and hair and nail tests, among others. 

Various foundations like the H.O.W. (Honest.Open-Minded.Willing) are offering no-cost, six-month drug addiction recovery programs to tackle Tulsa’s illicit substance abuse problem. The program has a 30% completion rate and has helped hundreds of people recover within four decades.

Using confidential drug testing services and relevant rehab programs, employers can direct their struggling employees onto a better path in life. 

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