AutoPimp Your Ride: Must-Try Exterior Car Mods

Pimp Your Ride: Must-Try Exterior Car Mods

If you a car fanatic, you already know there are several ways to modify your ride. But with all the options available, which ones should you try out?

Exterior car mods can go from quick decals to custom wheels. It’s one way to give your vehicle personality. Some even find it surprising that it all started with a simple-looking car!

On top of that, they look stylish and help with functions. So, here are a few modifications you must try for your vehicle.

Car Decals

Let’s start with the basic body decals. These vehicle-friendly stickers add fun to your car at a low cost and easy application.

Car decals are ideal for drivers who don’t want to change their entire vehicle’s appearance. Let’s say you want to put a stripe on the hood or add a logo to the side.

Car Wraps

Getting exotic car wraps is a popular way to spice up your entire vehicle from the outside. Repainting your car costs a lot, and sometimes, it’s not easy to achieve the color or style you want. So car wraps work as a cheaper alternative.

It also offers more room for customization since you can wrap only a portion of your car, like the hood or doors. You can even use different wraps for each section of the vehicle!

New Wheels

Switching up your wheels is one of the top practical and cosmetic car mods. Of course, that depends on what wheels you change them into.

Still, you can choose among the best ones in the market. That includes lightweight alloy wheels or durable carbon fiber tires. 

Body Kits

A body kit is something like a beginner’s guide to exterior mods. It provides several components that improve your car’s appearance while keeping it practical.

It usually includes side skirts, front bumpers, spoilers, custom hoods, and more. Although there are common misconceptions, like spoilers increasing speed, most of these parts still contribute to vehicle performance.

Exterior Lights

Many car owners often improve their vehicle’s appearance by upgrading their lights. These easy car mods are simple at first glance but make a big impact in action!

Besides switching out the lights you already have, you can even add more. One way to do that is by placing them beneath the car to make it look like it’s glowing in the dark.

Custom Grilles

Custom grilles are also one of the many common car modifications, especially for trucks or four-wheelers. It’s cheap and easy to add to your vehicle since it doesn’t require much changing.

They even protect your car from debris and ensure adequate air supply. It also comes in different materials, from plastic to aluminum.

Freshen Up Your Vehicle With These Exterior Car Mods

Exterior car mods are a great way to switch up your ride while improving its function. It’s the ideal solution for car owners who want to make their vehicles stand out without drastic changes! Try a car mod today and get your car pimped out.

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