TechThe PDF Files vs. MS Word Files

The PDF Files vs. MS Word Files

Ever questioned what is so unique about PDF documents? We compare PDFs with different Microsoft Office record codecs and explain while applying what. Each day, we all encounter PDF files — it is the go-to layout for financial institution statements, education manuals, online reports, and an entire lot extra. But is it usually the best layout to use? 

How do you understand whether or not you have to use a PDF or Microsoft Office file? If you are in a predicament on which file format to use, then you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of popular file formats like PDF and MS Word. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of using a PDF in the evaluation of the DOC, XLS, and PPT documents would be explained. Considering the pros and cons Of PDF documents and MS Word Files, the use of a few principal traits of each right here is an in-depth illustration. 


PDF helps you to create accessible documents like letters and reports. You can upload color, and you can use clip art. You can write in a lot of fonts and sizes. You can use the tables, the borders & the bullet formatting. You can layout the textual content & the overall web page format to make the web page appearance extra attractive or less complicated to read. PDF maintains the format and looks of your document. However, if you would like to edit a PDF document, you can use specialized tools like GogoPDF to add page numbers to PDF, merge, split or even compress your PDF document. 

When it comes to MS Word, It's less complicated to edit documents in different formats than in PDF because PDF documents ought to be edited with specialized converters. With MS Word, you can align the textual content whether or not on the center, proper or left margins, or justified takes simply one click. Spelling and grammatical errors are identified instantly, You can accurately correct any errors without problems, the bullets and numbers are added manually while editing. 


You need to protect your pdf because the security of your file is paramount. If you want your documents to be private – PDFs have you ever protected with their password requirement. Not that MSWord File can no longer provide you with this protection; however, PDF documents are extra secure. 

Another protection characteristic that PDFs provide is limiting viewing via leaving a username and password with trusted people with these documents, who can view the PDF report. Users can customize the safety settings, for example, limit printing or enhancing. PDF Format lets in the use of digital signatures to decide the authenticity of the record. In contrast, MS Word does not have those features and resolution qualities, just like PDF. 

User Friendly

PDFs permit for the identical format and content material to be displayed throughout all gadgets. These styles of documents may be accessed without problems from everywhere and with the aid of any device, making them especially user-pleasant. However, unlike MSWord, PDF is not easily integrated into most teamwork platforms. 

While Microsoft Word can combine with different Microsoft Office packages without problems, If you've got a spreadsheet that you created on Microsoft Excel, you could paste it right into a Word record directly. You can do this with the packages, including PowerPoint. This makes it viable to finish a big selection of responsibilities while not having to spend time changing the files or the documents to be usable on different packages. 

Process of Backup and Edit

Microsoft Word calls for a PC to edit or view the files, which might be complex with specific operating systems. PDF, on the other hand, can easily be opened with even a cellphone or tablet. Editing MS Word file is free once you can access the document, while the value of enhancing PDF documents is one way or the other an expense.

Unfortunately – it’s now no longer viable to at once edit your PDF report for free. You would want to apply a platform including Adobe Acrobat or different expensive PDF enhancing software to use the conversion function. This is an advantage for MSWord because it doesn’t permit corrections to be made without problems. 


PDF facilitates a few interactive elements. It doesn’t enable interaction with readers as much as Word because of its simplistic and inflexible presentation. This may be visible as one of the risks of the PDF report, making newer, extra contemporary-day options to PDFs extra desirable. While Microsoft Word gives the templates that will help you create several different files, including the calendars and greeting cards, You can barely make comments or change formats anytime you want to. 

While using tools like google docs to type, interaction is made possible as more than one user can work in a document at a time, you can add comments, and even make suggestions. If more than one person has access to google docs, efficient interaction is enabled. A PDF file is static, and unless you use a specialized tool, it is difficult to make the changes you want. 


Some advantages of PDF files are that it's extensively used, has many alternatives available, gives customers a lot of analyzing modes, works on cellular gadgets in addition to computers. Also, users can get access to files from the cloud, present diverse reports, and help customers upload multimedia to their files. Some risks are that this system may be expensive and that you need to make an effort to discover ways to use this system's interface and features. Pdf have you protected with their excessive stages of protection. PDF layout is used for garage and transmission of textual and graphical records on the Internet. Unlike MS Word, a PDF report is without problems accessed from everywhere and using any system, making them exceptionally user-friendly. Plus, most devices have built-in PDF readers you can use to access PDF files. At the end of the day, both are useful tools which people use in their everyday work lives. 

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