TechOris: Mechanical Watches of High-standard Precision and Reliability

Oris: Mechanical Watches of High-standard Precision and Reliability

Oris watch is one of the sought-after Swiss brand watches around the globe. The first-ever watch manufactured was in 1904. This event was made possible through a mayor’s contract from pioneers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. A hidden secret of Oris watch was its name was taken from a valley and brook near Holstein, where local watchmakers were located.

By 1925, the company was becoming bigger, and they had factories across Switzerland, in which the main branch can be found in Holstein. It was also in this year that Oris watches were made from just having alarm clocks to be wrist buckled watches. 

However, in the year 1934, the company had difficulties with producing innovative technologies in watch manufacturing. This is because the Swiss government restricted the process without their consent. The Oris company had become a part of the ASUAG in 1970. This group is what we know as the Swatch group of watches.

Collections of Oris watches

The Aviation Collection

From the term aviation, the Oris watches were preferred by pilots and even astronauts to use. This is because they can easily adjust Oris watches at different time intervals as they are in the atmosphere. The adjustment is quick since they were affected by electromagnetic fields and so as the time zone differences.

The Motorsports Collection

 Most of Oris Motorsport’s collections had gothic and eerie styles in their outer looks. But beware that the Motorsport collection of Oris watches is more than that. More than their outer lining, the Motorsport collection was made from hard metal. Their clasps can hold the wrist even during rigid movements, including the tight screw of springs in its rotors. Also, since they are more likely to do dirty activities, the Motorsports collection is usually easy to clean.

The Diving Collection

Another popular model of the Oris watch is the diving collection. The diving collection took a lot of tests before being released into the market. Also, they uphold their name of having to withstand water pressure from ocean depths of 300 meters to 2000 meters.

The diving collection works for scuba divers and water activities, according to some reviews. Oris watches were very well-known around the globe for this collection.

 The Culture Collection

 One significant thing for the Oris brand is having a tribute to different cultures around the globe. You can never find this collection in other watch brands.

Other than depicting various colors, the culture collection was considered a limited edition. This is because it has a lot of exploration from a different diversity of race and culture. These all happened before manufacturing each culture collection of watches.

Many applauded the cultural collections, including the different races and groups. This is because the depiction is to the nearest possible significance.

Fun Facts About Oris Watches

  1. They use mechanical movements

What is the difference between mechanical watches? Watches powered by mechanical movements never have to use batteries. What they use for recognizing time is through mechanical calibres powered by springs. Well, there is good use between mechanical watches for longevity. However, the downside of mechanical watches is their accuracy. Since they use springs, they were likely affected by the electromagnetic field. So, if they were placed in a high magnetic field, time would likely be disrupted.

Ulrich W Herzog was always traveling to Japan in the mid-1980s. For most of his travels, he was fascinated by the uses of the mechanical engine in manufacturing watches. With this profound innovation in watch manufacturing, he introduced the first Oris watch, called the Pointer Calendar. When it was introduced to the market, it had a significant impact on the Oris company that led it to be one of the leading mechanical watch producers around the globe.

  1. The Swatch Company Produced Oris

Although the Oris company is a part of the ASUAG or Swatch brands, the Oris watches remain an exclusive owned brand. They are not publicly traded alone but come along with other Swatch brands. This is part of their contract when being introduced into the market around the globe.

  1. The Watches Were Developed in Japan

Some might be confused about where Oris watches were made because they were formerly from Japan’s innovation. Yes, the idea of developing mechanical watches was from Japan, but they were still genuinely made by local Swiss watchmakers.

  1. Oris vs. Other Mechanical Watches

There are a lot of watch brands that offer mechanical movements around the globe. Some of these well-known brands were Tag Heuer and Longines, which were also Swiss brand watches.

The significant thing about the Oris brand is the distinguishing feature from each manufactured watch. If you own one, you may check that it has unique red roots, making it different from others. The rotor is an alternator or an electric motor inside the heart of watches. From having simple silver rotors, Oris watches use red rotors to make them more unique.

  1. Good Value

Oris watches may not be considered a part of the most expensive watch brands, nor even the cheapest watches around the globe. With pricing, Oris watches are in the middle class where everyone can afford them.

 What Oris watches offer is good value. It becomes pricier after the passing of years. Although there are details to this good value as not all Oris collections can gain ideal price. The pricing of watches may not inherit its previous price after some time, which depends on the materials used in manufacturing the timepiece. When does this happen? It happens when a watch has diamonds or 24 karat gold accented on it. These materials had increasing value through a passage in time. And here comes good worth for a wristwatch.


Now that we have discussed a lot of fun facts about owning an Oris watch, you may look for a new Oris collection on your wrist. The Oris brand had propaganda, “Real watches for real people.” So, take a chance of having one Oris watch in your hand. You never know how it will work for you.

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