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Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest reasons that Queensland businesses choose to use professional office fitouts in Brisbane is to help avoid major design mistakes. Offices can be designed and laid out in such a way that makes them much less effective as workspaces.Offices furniture also play an important role in office design hence it is very important to design properly and reception desk for your welcoming area are designed to enhance the corporate appeal for businesses Below are some of the most common mistakes that people make that you should try to avoid if you’re fitting out your own new office.

1. Going too “Open”

Open-plan office spaces have been all the rage for some time, but the fact is that a lot of companies get it wrong when it comes to setting them up. Having an “open” space can indeed be more energetic, inspiring, and fulfilling for staff who enjoy the light, spacious feeling of their environment. On the other hand, going “too open” can lead to a lack of cohesion between teams, and a lack of practical flow through the office.

The key is to combine the best of the open elements — light, energetic, fun — with the key traditional elements — organised, functional, flowing — which one can do by arranging desk clusters in coherent team groups, including quiet or private areas, as well as collaboration areas.

2. Too Bunched Up

Those who reject the open-plan office doctrine sometimes go too far the other way, instead implementing a cramped design that makes it hard for people to move around the office, and generally feels very claustrophobic. It doesn’t do much for productivity and employee comfort when they feel crammed in like sardines. In jobs where people need to be on the phone it can also become quite noisy and disruptive. 

That kind of environment might work on a stock exchange trading floor, but it’s not ideal for the vast majority of offices.

3. Not Enough Lighting

Failing to ensure enough natural lighting and having people working in dark corners smothered by fluorescent lights is a fast-track to depressed and unproductive team members. Good office layouts include maximising the use of windows, skylights and other ports to allow light to flood in and provide an invigorating and energising atmosphere. Quality office blinds are essential for creating great office layouts with natural light. Where artificial lighting is used, it’s nice to offer softer light bulb colours that are easier on the eyes and more atmospheric.

4. No Rest or Break Area

Did you plan an entire office space and forget to include a dedicated space for workers to take a break? Some business owners baulk at the idea because they think it means they need to build an entire rec room with pool tables, a juice bar, and basketball hoops. In fact, a break room can be as simple as a quiet room with some tables and chairs, a water cooler, perhaps a couch for extra comfort…and that’s essentially it.

Provision of brakes is actually mandated, and so creating a dedicated space ensures that office workers have a place to take that break. Most office workers do a 7-10 hour day, which entitles them to 2 paid breaks of up to 10 minutes during the course of the day. It’s easiest if you create a place for them to go within the office. It stops them wandering off too far and coming back late, doesn’t it?

5. Not Enough Storage

In your bold and original vision for your modern office, you’ve neglected the need for regular storage space. This is an increasingly common mistake in office design. Everyone now imagines that they’ll do all their file storage online in the cloud, forgetting that there are still many times when we still need the good-old filing cabinet. This leads them to leave no space for storage cabinets.

A lack of physical storage space forces people to use desk drawers and desktops in what will quickly become a chaotic and cluttered workspace for everyone.

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