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Resolving Issues: What To Do When The McDonald’s App Won’t Let You Place An Order

You’re hungry, and the McDonald’s app just won’t let you order. It’s a common problem many face. This article will guide you through seven solid fixes to get your meal sorted out fast.

Let’s dive in and get that order placed!

Troubleshooting Steps for McDonald’s App Issues

Having trouble with the McDonald’s app? Don’t worry, we’ve got some quick fixes to get your ordering back on track.

Restart the app

mcdonald's app not working

Closing the McDonald’s app and opening it again might fix your problem. It clears out any bugs that were causing trouble. This works well for both Android and iPhone users. Think of it as giving the app a quick nap to wake up fresh.

Doing this refreshes everything in the background. Now, you can try placing your order again without those annoying glitches getting in your way. It’s a simple trick but often does the job right when the McDonald’s app won’t let you order or shows other issues.

Sign out and in again

Signing out and back in again can really make a difference. It’s like hitting the reset button. This step helps clear out any bugs that might be messing with your McDonald’s app experience.

Think of it as giving the app a fresh start, wiping away those small issues that were stopping you from placing your order.

To do this, just go to the settings in your McDonald’s app. Find where it says “sign out.” After you’ve signed out, wait a moment, then sign back in with your details. It’s simple but effective.

This trick could get rid of those pesky problems and let you get back to ordering your favorites without any more fuss.

Clear app data and cache

After trying to sign out and then back into the McDonald’s app, another quick fix is to clear your app data and cache. This step helps to get rid of old information that might be causing problems.

It’s like giving your app a fresh start. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, find the McDonald’s app under “Apps” or “Application Manager,” and choose both “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” This can often solve issues if the McDonald’s app won’t let you place an order or if it’s acting slow.

Doing this doesn’t delete your account or your favorites; it just removes temporary files that could be messing things up. After clearing everything, open the app again. You might need to log in once more but check if things are running smoothly now.

Many times, this simple step gets you back on track for ordering those fries or burgers without any more hiccups.

how to cancel mcdonald's mobile order

Try a different network or Wi-Fi

If your McDonald’s app won’t let you order, switching to a different network or Wi-Fi can help. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the app itself but with your internet connection. A quick change from Wi-Fi to mobile data—or vice versa—might just do the trick.

This step is crucial, especially if your current network is slow or unstable.

For those moments when changing networks doesn’t solve it, consider restarting your modem and router. It’s a simple way to refresh your connection, which could be all you need to get the McDonald’s app working again.

Keep in mind; enabling mobile data is key if Wi-Fi troubles persist.

Check for updates

Switching networks might help, but sometimes the real fix is simpler. Your McDonald’s app needs the latest version to work right. Go to your app store, find the McDonald’s app, and see if there’s an update waiting.

Installing new updates can solve many problems. It keeps your app running smoothly.

Your phone holds many apps, but for ordering that Big Mac without a hitch, keeping the McDonald’s app updated is key. Updates bring new features and fix those annoying bugs that keep you from placing your order.

So, always hit that update button when it pops up.

Reinstall the app

Reinstalling the app helps fix many problems. This means you take it off your phone and put it back on. It works for both Android and iOS devices. First, find the McDonald’s app on your phone.

Press and hold its icon until an option to delete or uninstall shows up. Tap that option. Your phone will remove the app.

Next, go to the App Store or Google Play Store. Type “McDonald’s” in the search bar and hit enter. Find the official McDonald’s app in the results and download it again. Open it once installed and log in with your details.

This process often clears any issues blocking orders or deals from showing up right.

Check McDonald’s app servers

After reinstalling the app, if you still face issues with your McDonald’s mobile order or find that deals are not showing up, it’s time to check the servers. Sometimes, the problem is not on your end.

The McDonald’s app servers might be down or having trouble. This can stop you from placing orders or using deals.

If this happens, patience is key. You could wait for a bit and try again later. Another option is to use a delivery service like Uber Eats or DoorDash to get your McDonald’s fix without hassle.

These services can help when the app won’t let you order directly because of server troubles.

Common FAQs Related to McDonald’s App Ordering

Find out how to pick up your order, handle missing food, share feedback, and fix issues with charges or product availability—dive deeper into solving all your McDonald’s app ordering questions.

mcdonald's app says i have an order in progress

How to complete and pick up an order

To complete an order in the McDonald’s app, first pick your food and add it to your cart. Then, choose how you want to get your meal: pickup, drive-thru, or curbside. Pay through the app using a card or other payment method.

You’ll see a confirmation screen once the payment goes through.

Picking up is easy too. If you chose drive-thru, tell the staff you have a mobile order when you reach the window. For curbside pickup, park in the designated spot and check in on your app — no need to go inside.

They’ll bring your food right out to you. And if it’s a pickup inside the restaurant, just head straight to the counter marked for mobile orders and show them your confirmation code.

Your order will be waiting!

What to do if food is missing from an order

If food is missing from your order, first check the McDonald’s app to see if the item was included in your purchase. Sometimes, it might seem like a mistake, but a quick look can clear things up.

If you confirm the item was supposed to be there, get in touch with customer support through the app. They’re usually quick to respond and will help sort out any mess—whether that means refunding you for the missing item or arranging for its delivery.

Next step? Visit the restaurant if it’s close by. Talking directly with a crew member can often lead to faster solutions. They can either hand over what was left out or offer something else as compensation.

Either way, they want to make things right and keep you happy as a customer.

How to provide feedback to the restaurant and crew

Solving a problem with a missing food item might lead you to want to share your thoughts. Giving feedback is simple. You can use the McDonald’s app or website. Look for the “Contact Us” or “Feedback” section.

Then, type what you think about your visit or order. Be clear and say if something was good or bad.

You can also talk directly to the restaurant where you ordered from. Call them, or if you are there, ask to speak with a manager. Share what happened in a calm way. They listen because they want to make things right and improve.

Issues with incorrect charges and product availability

Sometimes, the McDonald’s app might charge you wrong for an order. This happens when there’s a glitch or maybe the prices got updated but didn’t show right in your cart. Don’t worry, though – you can fix this! First, check your receipt against what you ordered.

If something doesn’t match up, reach out to McDonald’s support through the app. They’re usually quick to sort things out and make it right.

Finding out that something you wanted isn’t available after placing an order is another issue. It could be because of stock problems at your local McDonald’s or just a minor mistake in the app showing items that aren’t really there.

The best step here is to cancel or change your order through the app options if time allows; otherwise, contacting customer service helps clear confusion and gets you alternatives.

Next up, let’s talk about how to tweak or outright cancel an order if plans change.

How to change or cancel an order

After fixing any incorrect charges or availability issues, you might need to change or cancel your order. It’s easy to do on both Android and iOS devices. Go into the McDonald’s app and find your current order.

There should be an option to either change details or completely cancel it. If you choose to cancel, the app will ask for confirmation – simply agree, and your order will be canceled right away.

If changing an order is what you’re after, select that choice instead of cancelling. Make the needed changes – whether it’s adding more items or removing some. Once happy with the adjustments, save them.

The app will update your total cost accordingly. Remember, options to change may vary based on how close the order is to being ready for pick-up or delivery.

Managing Account Settings on the McDonald’s App

In the McDonald’s App, changing your settings helps you keep things just right for how you like to order and get deals – find out more to make it fit you perfectly!

Updating account information

To update your account information on the McDonald’s app, sometimes you need to try a few steps. First, restart the app if it’s acting up. This can help refresh things. If that doesn’t work, sign out of your account and then sign back in.

It’s like giving the app a small reset.

Clearing the cache or switching to a different network might also do the trick if problems persist. For more stubborn issues, updating or reinstalling the app is suggested. These actions often clear up any trouble with updating info on your McDonald’s profile, making sure you can keep enjoying those deals without a hitch.

Turning on/off push notifications

After updating your account information, you might want to control how the McDonald’s app notifies you. Push notifications can keep you in the loop about new deals and your order status.

Here’s how to manage them: Go into the app settings. Look for “Notifications” or something similar. From there, you can switch push notifications on or off with a simple tap.

Turning these alerts off means you won’t get instant updates on promotions or when your food is ready for pickup. If changing this setting, check the app often so you don’t miss out on limited time offers or important news about your orders.

It’s all about finding the right balance for what works best for you!

Unsubscribing from email notifications

To stop getting emails from the McDonald’s app, you need to go into the app settings. Here, look for email options. Click on it and choose “unsubscribe” from the list. This should cut down on unnecessary mails filling up your inbox.

Now, let’s talk about managing location services in the app..

Managing location services

Keeping location services in check is easy with a few steps. First, clear your app cache; this can fix many issues, including those with location services. Sometimes, switching to a different network or Wi-Fi helps too.

It makes the McDonald’s app work better and find you more accurately. If problems stick around, try checking if the McDonald’s servers are up and running without trouble. This step often solves tricky issues.

You might also need to restart or update the app for smoother operations regarding location settings. In some cases, reinstalling the app does wonders for managing these services efficiently.

Each of these actions ensures that your McDonald’s ordering experience is as smooth as possible, making sure deals and locations are right at your fingertips.

Next up: understanding how using the McDonald’s App can unlock rewards and deals for you.

Deleting an account

If you’re facing issues with the McDonald’s app, like orders getting stuck or not being able to catch those deals, deleting your account might be a way out. It’s like hitting the reset button.

Doing this can clear up problems from bugs or server issues that just won’t go away with normal fixes.

To delete your McDonald’s account, dive into managing account settings in the app. This step wipes everything clean, giving you a fresh start which could solve those ordering hiccups.

If all else fails and you’ve tried every trick in the book—restarting the app, signing out and back in, even reinstalling—it might just be time to say goodbye to your current account and start anew.

Using the McDonald’s App for Rewards and Deals

Earn points on every pickup or delivery order with the McDonald’s App, and redeem them for your favorite free food—dive into more ways to save and savor!

Earning points for delivery or pickup

You can get points every time you order McDonald’s for delivery or pickup through the app. It’s simple – place an order using the app, and your account starts collecting points right away.

These points add up fast, making it easier to snag free food and special deals exclusive to app users.

For each dollar spent on orders made via the app, more points go into your balance. Think of it as a reward for enjoying your McDonald’s favorites. You just need to make sure you’re signed in when ordering.

That way, all those burgers, fries, and shakes aren’t just tasty—they’re earning you rewards too!

Redeeming points for free food

To get free food with your points, make sure the McDonald’s app works first. Fix any ordering issues by trying seven solutions – restart, sign out and in, clear cache or data, change Wi-Fi networks, update the app, reinstall it or check if McDonald’s servers are down.

After solving these problems, earning and using points for delicious rewards becomes easy.

Every time you order a meal through the app for pickup or delivery, you rack up points. These points can then be traded for your favorite menu items without spending extra cash. Just dive into the rewards section of the app to see what treats await you.

With each bite into a free burger or fries earned from points, remember—it all starts with getting those pesky app issues out of the way first!

Common FAQs about MyMcDonald’s Rewards

People often ask how to earn points with MyMcDonald’s Rewards. You get points every time you buy something, whether it’s for delivery or pickup. Just use the app when ordering. The fun part comes next: redeeming your points for free food! Depending on how many points you have, you can choose from a range of treats.

Another hot question is about keeping track of those hard-earned rewards. The app makes it easy – all your points and possible rewards show up right there. If there’s ever an issue, like missing points or trouble using them, help is just a few taps away in the app’s support section.

Plus, they’re always adding new deals and surprises to keep things exciting.


Having trouble with the McDonald’s app can be super annoying. Good news is, there are easy fixes to try. Restart the app, sign out and in again, or maybe clear that pesky cache. Still stuck? A network switch might do the trick or checking for an update could save your day.

If all else fails, reinstalling the app or peeking at McDonald’s server status online might finally get your order through. So don’t let a glitch keep you from those fries!

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