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Low Carb Foods to Eat at Japanese Restaurants

Japanese cuisines are famous for their delicious foods and flavors. Food lovers lòve to try different foods while dining in different restaurants and cuisines. Japan is a country where most of the dishes include noodles and rice. The keto diet’s main goal is to eat as few carbs as one can. It acts as a tool and strategy to consume less and lose weight. Keto conscious people have focused on avoiding sugary sauces and foods that contain an amount of rice or noodles. If you are Keto conscious, you can prefer meat and seafood in your diet. Sanraku offers many japanese dishes for Keto conscious people.

Many Restaurants serve Japanese foods with rice, bread, noodles, dipping sauce, salad, and soup. To reduce carbs, you must avoid rice, noodles, and bread. Salad is preferable but without sugary sauce and other toppings. Suppose you are following a purely ketogenic diet. In that case, you can enjoy every bite of these dishes while maintaining your low carbs health goals.

Dishes are almost the same, but consuming them to reduce your carbs is different. If you want to lose weight, you must watch your dietary habits as Japanese food consists of hidden sugar. Keto-friendly foods include avocado, eggs, meat, chicken, coffee, fish, beef, and cheese. Here are the top foods with low carbs.


Not all sushi recipes are keto-friendly, and not all sushi have low carbs. Certain sushis are low carb diets, such as Sashimi made from raw fish, usually tuna, mackerel, or salmon, with a yummy dip sauce. You can also try other forms of fish like snapper or kingfish instead of tuna or salmon. You can use Sashimi to decrease the carb level in your body. You will get zero carbs if you take less than 100 g of Sashimi.

When you order Sashimi, ask the waiters to bring it without rice or bread and ask them to serve it with soy sauce rather than some sugary dipping sauce. During dine-in, you can explain to your waiter using phrases like no rice; please, I am on a ketogenic diet, no-carb diet, or without rice, please. 


Yakitori is a skewered chicken dish that is served with an amount of rice and is usually taken as an appetizer during fun times. The sauce used with it is a combination of soy sauce with brown sugar. You can ask your restaurant to serve you this delicious dish without rice and sauce to reduce carbs.

If you want this dish as your meal, then miso sauce can be used instead of sugary soy sauce. You can also ask for a low carb salad with this dish. This is a very delicious dish and easy to cook as well. You can easily skewer the chicken on a bamboo or steel stick, and then you can grill the skewered chicken on a charcoal fire that gives a unique taste and smell.

It is pure meat and a kind of shish kebab full of protein, and no other ingredients, sauces, and sugar is added to this recipe. You can enjoy live recipes in Japanese bars and talk to the chef and see how they cook and prepare them. It contains a variety of meats like chicken thigh, chicken skin, chicken breasts, heart and liver that can be eaten without rice.

Veggie Tempura

Veggie tempura is loaded and full of vegetables with low carbohydrates. If you want to eat more vegetables during your whole day, you can try veggie tempura. This food is made with keto-friendly vegetables. The main reason for the low carbs in this dish is its batter, which is made up of protein and gum. This batter helps in making this food a low carb food for you.

Miso Soup

Most Japanese restaurants specialize in miso soup. Miso soup is popular because it is delicious and light. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that you can customize it as much as you want according to your taste. This is made up of fermented soybean paste, and you can add and fill it with ingredients of your own choice. These ingredients can be cabbage, mushrooms, olives, and tofu. Miso soup is very beneficial for the digestive system of the human body.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu-shabu is the lowest calories level dish but is amazing in taste. To get shabu, you can boil the meat and vegetables in a large bowl of soup and enjoy it with a dipping sauce. 


Edamame is a dish that you can enjoy between meals. These are green soybeans. You can boil them and sprinkle some salt and black pepper according to your taste. This is very quick and easy to make.

Low Carb Drinks

The drink is an essential serving of every meal. You can ask for some juice, tea, water, or anything else. Among all kinds of drinks available at Japanese restaurants, green tea is the top drink with low carbs. If you prefer to consume a cup of green tea, you will feel good digestion over time. It’s all up to your choice whether you choose hot green tea or iced green tea. 

Keto-Friendly Carb Alternatives

You should avoid rice and noodles as they are rich in carbohydrates. Several substitutes are keto-friendly. These keto-friendly alternatives include cauliflower rice, miracle noodles, or shirataki noodles.

Tips to Maintain Ketogenic Diet

Always check the coffee labels when you are on a shopping trip. Espressos and coffees have a huge amount of hidden sugar. I prefer snacks between your meals. Drink green tea regularly rather than consuming other soft drinks or juices. Use green soybeans and cabbage before your main course. These tips will not only provide you with low carbs but will give you strength and energy for a lively and fresh day.

Closing Remarks

You can never say goodbye to Japanese restaurants and cuisines, but you can maintain your weight by adding low carb foods to your diet. Your small change in your diet can make a huge difference to your health and fitness goals.

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