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Is The Internet On The Best Prepaid Plans Fast Enough For Daily Usage?

In the fast-paced world that we live in, speed is of utmost importance. We want everything quickly. Whether it is getting our work done faster, uploading or downloading files online, streaming movies or even talking to friends, everything needs to happen within minutes if not seconds. And telecom service providers truly understand that which is why they provide great internet speed along with every plan they offer. 

Although the world is slowly leaning towards postpaid plans, a majority of us still prefer to go with a prepaid sim card. So, if you’re one of the prepaid users like us, and you’re wondering if the internet connection in your prepaid plan is fast enough for daily usage, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Internet Speed?

Internet speed plays a major role in a person’s digital life. Faster your internet connection, faster the speed of your work. And simply put, your internet speed is nothing but the transmission speed of your data connection. It is often the average of the download speed and upload speed offered by your telecom service provider.

Internet speed is expressed in megabits per second i.e., Mbps which is the measurement unit that calculates how much data travels to and from your phone within a second. The internet speed you get on your prepaid connection depends on various factors such as your choice of service providers, your current location, whether you’ve chosen one of the best Prepaid plans offered, among others.

So it is very necessary to check your internet performance speed with some internet speed test tools to see the Internet speed does as it claims.

Internet Speed Required For Daily Usage

Around 2 Mbps of internet speed should be sufficient to send messages or emails. However, if you really want to make optimum use of your prepaid plan it should ideally have a speed of 5 Mbps or more. And most telecom service providers offer that kind of internet speed, depending on your location.

So, if you ask us whether the internet speed of a prepaid plan is sufficient for daily usage, the answer is “Yes”, depending on your requirement, as most of the best Prepaid plans these days offer up to 1-3Gb data per day. 

However, if you ask us whether your internet speed is fast enough for your daily usage, it depends on a lot of factors such as your choice of service provider, your chosen plan, your location, the network coverage you get, your daily data requirements, among others.

So, how do you get the best internet speed on a prepaid connection? You go for a telecom service provider that is known to provide the best speed in both rural and urban locations. Then, you select one of their best Prepaid plans according to your requirements. And voila! You have the perfect prepaid plan with a fast internet connection that is suitable for your daily usage.

Airtel – For Faster Internet Speed

If you’re looking for a telecom service provider that reaches almost every urban and rural corner of India, our best bet would be to go with Airtel. As a brand, Airtel has always spoken about offering great internet speed. And it has time and again proven to provide high-speed connectivity with good coverage.

Moreover, many of Airtel’s best Prepaid plans come with complimentary OTT subscriptions as well. Some Airtel prepaid plans offer subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, while some provide subscriptions to Disney+ Hotstar. And users can choose according to their preference.

As per the latest list released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India aka TRAI, Airtel currently offers an average download speed of 10.8 Mbps throughout India while their average upload speed is 4.4 Mbps. So, if you’re looking for a prepaid plan with a high-speed internet, go, give Airtel a try.

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