NewsInterview with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, who says the government’s...

Interview with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, who says the government’s crypto donation platform has raised $70M+ as of April 1

Since the 24th of February, Ukraine has been working to stop the Russian invasion , not just in the digital realm. France 24 had a conversation with George Dubinskiy, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Transformation…

Since the 24th of February Ukraine has been mounting an incredibly strong resistance to Russia both on the ground as well as in the realm of digital. France 24 spoke to deputy minister digital transformation 70m aprilpost for Digital Transformation, George Dubinskiy. Dubinskiy explained that Ukraine was the victim of numerous cyberattacks of a large scale prior to the 24th of February, has been engaged in a war of words with Moscow “since 2014” and is fighting not just its territorial borders but also its digital borders.

George Dubinskiy was delighted on France 24 by his appreciation for the “responsiveness” of the patron and billionaire Elon Musk, who mailed his country interview deputy minister digital transformation 70m thousands of internet connectivity kits using the Starlink satellite network, in response to the requests of Kiev the city in February.

It is available at an “critical” moment, this technology is being hailed as, according to Minister of State, to be a “very effective means” of combating Russian cyberattacks.

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