NewsProfile The Solidarity Fund Coworkerdifeliciantonio San

Profile The Solidarity Fund Coworkerdifeliciantonio San

Jordan Flowers, an Amazon warehouse worker is a source of contention on the employer’s side. He is often a speaker at labor rallies and also leads protests against Amazon, the online retailer over the way it treats its workers the solidarity coworkerdifeliciantonio san francisco….

However, being an activist doesn’t provide a salary. His income — he’s currently on disability–can’t always pay for the cost of rent for the apartment he lives situated in New York City, medical expenses due to the diagnosis of lupus and the costs of taking care of his cat, dog or bearded dragon.

So , in the beginning of 2021, Flowers applied for a money stipend through a crowdsourced fund that was created to aid the increasing number of whistleblowers and protesters calling for action in opposition to Big Tech. Then, he was blessed with an encouraging news report: He’d receive a check for $2,500.

“It provides me with opportunities to travel throughout the city, attend more rallies, and to take part in rallies, to know that Google workers are experiencing similar struggles as Amazon employees,” Flowers says.

The result of this work was from that work came the Solidarity Fund, “designed as an aid and mutual assistance infrastructure for people involved in the field of workplace activism and organizing,” says Jess Kutch co-founder of and the Solidarity Fund’s executive director. The fund is backed by tech workers, some who are signed-up to make regular donations to technology workers, the Fund offers unrestricted cash stipends and mentoring to those involved in some kind of organizing in the workplace. First funds will be distributed in January 2021. Later, during the year that followed the Fund offered more than 68 employees with stipends that totaled nearly $200,000.

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