HowToHow To Stay Away From Energy Scammers?

How To Stay Away From Energy Scammers?

In 2021, Australians have reported $211 million as losses to scams. According to the data by Scamwatch, the losses have increased by 89% compared to last year. So if you want to find the best energy plan for your needs, you should understand how billing works and compare the plans online to get accurate information.   

Common Electricity Scams

 Phone calls are the most used medium of scamming people. Emails with suspicious links are another medium you should be vigilant about. 

Impersonating as a Representative of the Provider

 Scammers might pose as customer service agents of energy providers. They can attempt to gain your information by offering unrealistic discounts and offers. For example, they might ask to give personal information or make a small payment in return for helping you quickly switch to a new retailer.

You should be careful with your personal information as scammers can use it to commit other crimes.

Phishing Emails

 Your energy provider will not ask you to urgently verify account information by clicking on external links or ask for account passwords through emails. Do not fall for such phishing emails. Read the email carefully; look at the logo and the language used. Call up the customer service and have your doubts clarified.

How to Tackle Energy Scammers?

Stay on Top of News

Government and news agencies put out information on new types of scams taking place in the country. In addition, there are official websites like Scamwatch that offer resources on staying away from scams and provide a platform to report scams. 

Take Charge of Your Electricity Bill

Going through electricity bills, understanding prices, and identifying the best energy plan in the area may seem like a task. Still, it could help you save cost and energy and safeguard you against scammers. You could also visit zmarta loans, they offer Electricity bidding (compare electricity contracts and prices), business loans and etc.

Your electricity bill typically has supply and usage charges listed. There could be additional fees when you miss a payment, terminate the contract or use credit cards to make payments. You can get conditional discounts for paperless billing, direct debit, or online sign-up.

When you are informed, it becomes difficult for scammers to fool you with unreasonable plans. You can quickly check any plan they offer on comparison websites to verify its authenticity.

Contact Customer Service 

 If a scammer reaches out saying your electricity metre needs urgent repairs, or you have approved a retailer switch, or they are asking for personal information, get in touch with the provider’s official customer care channels.

In case of an issue, any customer representative can pull out information and answer your queries.

Report Grievances

If you have fallen victim to any electric scam, you should report it to concerned authorities at the earliest. Contact your energy retailer or distributor, and provide them with the details and file an official complaint. In addition, there are consumer forums and government portals where you can report scams.

The easiest way to keep electric scammers at bay is to take control of your energy needs. If you want the best energy plan in your area, you can access up-to-date information within 10 minutes online. Use comparison websites to find deals, contact retailers and protect yourself from scammers. 

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