Health and Fitness5 facts about how PEMF naturally gives patients more energy

5 facts about how PEMF naturally gives patients more energy

Managing low energy levels is complicated. It is because such a feeling is not due to dietary issues or low energy supply. In many people, low energy levels are due to the body’s altered ability to process nutrients or changes at the cellular levels.

In many low energy levels is due to inflammation. While in others due to stress, hormonal changes.

Quite often, the prolonged, painful condition may cause some permanent changes in the brain. In such cases, people continue to suffer from chronic fatigue, even after recovering from the illness.

Taking medications and health supplements may help in many such cases, but not all cases. It is not rare for people living with low energy and constant fatigue to try various alternative treatments. However, it appears that non-invasive PEMF devices may help in many such cases. PEMF therapy is one of the better ways of reviving energy levels. It may help in numerous ways.

Boost energy production by mitochondria

One of the ways in which PEMF works is by boosting energy production by mitochondria. Mitochondria are often called a cellular furnaces. They burn various nutrients to supply energy. If they become sluggish, start producing less energy, chronic fatigue ensues.

PEMF sends low-energy pulses of electromagnetic signals, stimulating the working of mitochondria, promoting the movement of nutrients. Not only that, PEMF may even boost the regeneration of cells. PEMF is especially good for improving musculoskeletal health. However, its energizing action may also be due to its effect on other organs like the liver.

Alter gene expression and protein production

It is a relatively new finding that PEMF therapy may have a role in altering gene expression. Due to prolonged illness, aging, or other metabolic disorders, specific genes become mutated. Regular use of PEMF therapy may help stimulate these genes.

Gene stimulation may generate various signals and much greater production of cellular energy, protein, and hormones.

Improved gene expression may also help boost regenerative processes. For example, it may have a role in strengthening bones and muscles.

Influence various pathways, thus reducing inflammation

PEMF is US FDA-approved technology for boosting tissue regeneration and suppressing inflammation. Localized inflammation is often the cause of some local pains. However, low-grade and constant inflammation is often the cause of low energy levels.

PEMF therapy may boost the production of NO, suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines. Reduces inflammation may mean a greater energy supply for other body processes.

Further, regular use of PEMF devices may reduce the risk of various systemic ailments. It may also help reduce the risk of mood disorders, prevent depressive states, and help a person feel more energized.

Normalize production of hormones

It is a more complex mechanism of action. But it seems that PEMF therapy may help boost the production of certain hormones. And at the same time, it may also suppress the production of certain hormones often associated with higher stress levels.

Thus, PEMF may improve cellular energy supply, reduce insulin resistance. At the same time, it may help suppress the over-production of hormones like cortisol. Therefore, it may enhance bone regeneration, prevent loss of muscle mass. This may ultimately result in improved mood and help feel people energized.

Influence brain through afferent nerve fibers

Every minor change in the body would still alter its local oscillations, its production of electromagnetic fields. Whereas PEMF therapy may help bring those EMFs to their prior levels.

Unwanted changes in the body send signals to the brain through afferent fibers. Sometimes, prolonged illness can make various brain centers highly sensitive to these nerve signals. That is why people living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have increased pain sensation. They feel fatigued most of the time.

Since, in many cases, the cause of fatigue and low energy is not dietary. Instead, it is due to altered nerve responses. Thus, correcting these responses is essential. Regular use of PEMF therapy may help gradually normalize these nerve signals. However, brain desensitization would need prolonged and frequent use of PEMF devices.

To conclude, low energy levels are a common complaint in those living with chronic ailments. However, even more problematic is that many continue to experience low energy levels much after making a complete recovery. In most such cases, the cause of low energy is inflammation, altered gene responses, neural hypersensitivity, and much more. It means that dietary measures would not help in such cases.

However, using PEMF therapy along with other kinds of physical and physiotherapies may result in considerable benefits. Thus, combining PEMF therapy with exercises, heat therapy, and adequate rest is a good idea.

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