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7 Home Organization Hacks & Home Declutter Tips [2022]

Keeping a home organized is not everyone's cup of tea because it takes some effort and a creative mind to use the available resources. If you have been thinking about organizing your stuff at home, then it's the right time to get started with it. It is not always about making space for more things but about the looks too. When you arrange things at your home, it not only helps you in finding them quickly but also makes your home look better in many ways. In today's world, we recommend everyone to follow and apply some life hacks in their daily life to make it more productive and better than yesterday to stand out from the crowd.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best home organization hacks that everyone can apply at their home. It doesn't matter how big or small your home is or what area you want to organize, you can always follow these tips and hacks to get the best out of available space. After reading these tips and hacks, you will be able to figure out more ways to keep your home and workplace organized than ever. If you want then you can also buy organizer products that can help you in keeping things in place. It is always beneficial to spend some money when it comes to cleanliness and tidy of home space.

Top Best Home Organization Hacks and Tips To Keep Your Space Tidy

Use A Clothes Storage Bag

The most cluttered items in a home are clothes, blankets, and things related to bedding. You can buy large-capacity storage bags and keep these things in those bags for easy organization. You can either make separate bags for each item like one for clothes, one for sheets, one for blankets, etc., or keep them mixed. There are different types of storage bags available online and offline and you can buy one according to your needs and space. These things come in handy when you have free space somewhere in the wall but don't have a closet.

Don't Forget The Cosmetics

Beauty items and other products related to personal care must be kept hygienically. You must not keep them open on the table, in the bathroom, and elsewhere. There are different types of pouches and desk drawers available with dividers that you can buy to keep those things organized. Our recommendation will be Lifewit drawer organizer set as it comes in different variations. Not only for cosmetics but you can also use these drawers to store other things as well. Depending on size and type, the price range of these drawers varies from somewhere around $10-$500. If you have specific requirements, then you can make one built by a carpenter too.

Organize Your Undies

Since we have already talked about the storage of clothes, how can we forget the undergarments? One mistake that most people do is keeping clothes and undies together which is a huge turn-off and must not be practiced. Instead, you can buy an underwear organizer drawer from Amazon or elsewhere to store all your undies in a single place. The best thing about these drawers is that you can use them anywhere you want. You can use these drawers to store undies, kitchen tools, cosmetics, office supplies, and everything else you can think of.

Don't Forget The Utensils

If you think you have less storage for utensils and spices in the kitchen, then you can make storage space inside of the doors. If you have a shelf or cupboard with a door in your kitchen, then you can get racks or small storage space in its door to make room for more things. The organizer baskets and drawers we have mentioned above can be used in the kitchen too. Another useful tip to organize big spoons, spatula, etc. is hanging them on the sticky hooks. You can buy them in the bulk and paste these hooks anywhere you want in the home to hang different things on them.

Take Advantage of The Empty Cans

Every household, workspace, etc. have empty aluminum cans. You can use these cans as storage space for kitchen spices, make them a pen stand, or use them as a small flower pot. Another quick tip to find things stored in these cans is by labeling them. You can put a sticker on these cans so it becomes easier for you to find and identify the things stored in them. Not only as storage but you can also customize and use your creative mind to make decorative things using these cans. There are many craft tutorials available on the internet that you can follow.

Cable Management Is Necessary

No home is complete without cables and cable management is necessary too to make your space look more organized. You can use the clips to pin cords altogether and make them look good to the eyes. The backside of the TV, console, etc. is generally filled with cables so you must spend some time organizing them. Another life hack is to use the Old Bread Tags and stick them to the cables to identify the cables easily without plugging them out. You can also buy a mobile cable protector that helps you in keeping your cables safe from breaking.

Get Smart With The Bedsheets

If you feel lazy when it comes to folding the sheets and organizing your space, then you can follow the “8-Minute Rule”. The rule is simple, as you just have to set a timer on your mobile or clock for 8 minutes and start organizing your things. After the timer stops, analyze the number or total area you've organized in those 8 minutes. The next day, compare your performance with the previous day's to increase your productivity. A quick hack to store your bedsheets is by utilizing the pillow covers. You can store the matching bedsheet in the pillow cover to minimize the total storage space used and to find them easily.

Final Words

We hope you have liked our declutter tips and now you are one step ahead in keeping your home organized and cleaner than before. There are many different ways available to do this and one must keep thinking about creative ways to store and keep things in place. It helps in boosting the memory and helps you in being creative.

This page will get updated with new home organization hacks and tips, so keep visiting to know about them. If you are someone who likes his/her place clean and tidy, then you must follow our tips. Also, don't forget to check the LifeWit products on Amazon that turns out to be the game changer when it comes to home organization.

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