HowToHere's How to Plan the Perfect Wedding!

Here’s How to Plan the Perfect Wedding!

It should be the most beautiful day of your life, and couples start preparing for their wedding many months in advance. After the marriage proposal, you think about how, where and with whom you want to celebrate your party. And all of a sudden, the preparations seem to be piling up into an insurmountable mountain of stress. Gone are the days when you could still dream of your wedding day, suddenly you have to act practically and make decisions.

In addition, when it comes to wedding preparations, everyone seems to have an opinion. Whether it’s your mother or your girlfriend’s boyfriend, everyone thinks they know exactly how you should celebrate and give well-intentioned tips. However, the bridal couple often only knows after the wedding what they would have preferred to know beforehand. That’s why we’ve put together useful tips for you to help you plan the big day:

Gather inspiration

There are endless ways to celebrate a wedding. Since the planning consists of many decision-making questions, it is particularly important to be clear with your partner beforehand about what the framework for the celebration should be.

This starts with the question of whether there will be a church wedding or a free wedding or just the promise at the registry office and ends with questions about what style you want for your invitation cards, table decorations and flower arrangements. The more you have informed yourself beforehand about the possibilities, the clearer and more unambiguous your decisions will be.

Of course, no couple can agree on all the details, but a common overview can help to find compromises. You can traditionally browse through wedding magazines, which has the advantage that you can cut out and collect ideas that you particularly like. Of course, you can also browse internet portals and picture forums and look for inspiration there. Maybe you even create a folder in which you can initially collect ideas and later concrete calculations and plans.

Learn to say no when preparing for the wedding

For some couples, this is one of the biggest challenges. That’s because the people who come to you with good tips and suggestions only want your best. But – and this is crucial – sometimes they don’t even know what is best for you. Only you two can decide that. That’s why it’s so important to turn things down when an idea gives you stomach cramps.

The wedding day is unique and no one can go back in time and erase from the coils of memory that embarrassing game you never wanted. That’s why the “no” also applies to items on the program that you don’t like, or to surprises that you’re not sure are a good idea.

Of course, you shouldn’t ban everything that you can’t control yourself. A wedding celebration thrives on unplanned moments. Nevertheless, you must tell the person who asks you if they can organize something specifically for the evening what works for you and what you would rather not.

Choose the wedding dress early

Many women have spent their entire lives fantasizing about what their wedding dress should look like, while others are almost overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having to wear a white dress at all. That means if you wait too long, you could end up cutting it close to get your dress before your big day. So, when should you buy your wedding dress? How late is too late? If you’re shopping in a traditional bridal shop, In Avery Austin you can shop wedding dresses under 500 dollars today. In fact, you would typically get your dress in as little as 9 weeks after ordering at Avery Austin.

If you’re shopping in a traditional bridal shop, keep in mind that wedding dresses will need to be altered, returned, re-sewn, and re-adjusted. Sometimes this is not done by sending back and forth. You should take similar considerations into account when buying shoes because wedding shoes should also be broken in. For an Indian wedding, the dress has to be up to the point. Here’s a guide on what to wear at an Indian traditional wedding.

It gets even worse if your supplier has long delivery times and you order the dress directly from the catalogue after applying, but can only try it on months later. No bride wants to do this first fitting a week before the wedding. Because what if the dress doesn’t fit right or just doesn’t look as good on you as you thought?

Bonus: Great men’s Indian wedding attire styles

DIY or order?

Homemade decoration can be very individual, but not everyone succeeds. Therefore, one consideration you should make when preparing for the wedding is what you want to do yourself and what you would rather leave to professionals.

This is not only a question of skill but also of time, because garlands, flower arrangements, seat cards, etc. are often much more complex than you think. The best thing to do is to choose a few things that you feel confident about and then start ordering the other items from service providers.

Photographers or DJs can also come from the circle of friends. But you should know exactly what you’re getting. If you know friends’ work, this is the safest choice. Otherwise, always have them show you photos or playlists from past weddings to see if the photographer is more of a wannabe hobbyist or an undiscovered genius. During an engagement shoot, a photographer can already be tested if necessary.

Asking for help with wedding preparations

No bridal couple can do everything alone. Therefore, you should start delegating early. Our wedding checklist will help you not to forget a task.

Many people are happy to help, especially if they are close to you. Parents are always good contacts. You can also distribute small organizational tasks to the best man or the bridesmaids.

The only important thing is that you don’t overwhelm individual people. Your maid of honour is not a wedding planner but probably has another job. Also, nobody can make decisions for you, so many questions will come back to you even if you have help.

If flower arrangements have to be picked up from somewhere, you prefer to leave the choice of music to your sister, who sings in the gospel choir, or if you want to decorate the wedding car or can hire a Limo too! Do know the reasons to hire a Limo. Your friends and relatives can help you with many small tasks. Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows that you can’t organize everything on your own. So dare to ask for support.

To Conclude,

Wherever a lot is planned, things can also go wrong. Then you shouldn’t fixate on what was originally your dream, but always stay in the moment and make the best of it. While rain, stains, delays, decoration mishaps or the like can be annoying, no perfect celebration depends on these things. Because honestly, what should be so bad that it can spoil a day when you marry the person you love and celebrate it with your closest friends and relatives.

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