RelationshipFashion And Dating: What Women Should Wear On First Dates

Fashion And Dating: What Women Should Wear On First Dates

Your clothing and how you dress up define who you are, even on first dates. These first dates are incredibly important phases in the relationship because these are the times when you get to know your partner or the person you’re eyeing to become your partner, and in these moments, you need to make the best impression. The first date is when you get to know each other.

These are why it’s also vital that you know how to dress up on the first date. To help you determine your style, here is a dating advice for women from Evan Marc Katz on first dates and what you should wear in these scenarios.

Fashion Forward With These First Date Outfit Ideas

Without further ado, here are first date outfit ideas you can adhere to when you’re a woman and are on first dates, the date outfits guys love.

1. Outfits For A Casual Date Or Coffee Date

If you’ll be on a first date in the morning, the perfect style choice has the following: casual, chic, and comfortable. Select your first date attire and style accordingly, and you can’t go wrong.

A Blazer And Skinny Jeans

When attending a casual date or coffee date, you can opt for a light blazer matched with jeans that fit perfectly, a plain top or a shirt inside. Pair these with either pumps or sneakers. The benefit of this first date outfit for women wearing them is that they’ll make you look more physically attractive.

A Crop Top With Boyfriend Jeans, Shorts, Or Skinny High-Waisted Jeans

With these, you’ll always look casual and chic. Plus, you can wear them to various events.

If you’re confused about what you must wear on a first date, especially when it’s a casual date, choose the Fashion tops for women like crop top . Pair this with shorts and sneakers. 

If you want to become less casual on the first date, pair the crop top with boyfriend jeans or high-waisted jeans.

2. Wear These Dresses To A Brunch Date

There are times when you need to attend brunch dates. What should you wear on these dates? For what you should wear on this first date, the dinner date, here are the tips.


Sundresses are the perfect first date dress, especially during the summer. Be sure to choose a style you prefer and where you feel most comfortable with, and pair it with nice accessories.

Maxi Dress

Another great first date dress is the Maxi dress. These dresses for the first date will amplify your style. You may even pair this with Bohemian-inspired flip flops or block heels and a hat.

3. Ways To Dress Up For The Dinner Date

Many experts believe that dinner dates are easier to dress for since there’s no fear of going over the top. The darkness won’t pressure you too much. A first date fashion tip for dressing for a dinner date is to choose a dress that accentuates your best body parts. Here are a few first date outfits for the dinner date.

The Little Black Dress Or LBD

Nothing is more glamorous than the Little Black Dress. Pair it with the right accessories. However, keep your accessories simple, blow dry your tresses, wear stilettos, and have a designer clutch to finish it right.

Midi Skirt And Shirt

If you’re not a fan of LBDs as first date outfits for the dinner date, among the first date dressing options you can still have is the satin midi skirt paired with a shirt.

You may even pair these with your favorite denim or leather jacket or perhaps a winter blazer. Pair these further with heels to enhance your look.

As far as Jacket goes, we’d recommend you to read this article: The Best Lightweight Waterproof Winter Jackets in 2022. Published by Wear Graphene, this article will help you finding some of the best quality winter jackets available in the market.

4. Outfits For Your Movie Date

If you’re headed on a movie date, you’d want to keep it casual. With that being said, the effortless type of casual. Here are the must-haves.

Bell Bottoms Or Flared Jeans With French Tucked Shirt Or T-Shirt

For the first date in the casual setting, wear flared jeans. These jeans will make the legs look longer and your curves better.

Pair these with a French tuck, and there’s no problem when you want to wear your favorite sneakers with these.

Shirt Dress

Should you want to style the street smart way, wear a shirt dress. But prefer the one with a solid color, basic denim or checks, then pair these with sneakers for a cooler look. Now, you’ve got a first date dress that truly impresses.

5. Dresses For The Drinks Date

Let go of being casual for an evening date, especially if you feel like dressing up. This date usually involves drinks, so you must choose a date outfit that marries comfort and style.

Black Strappy Jumpsuit

For the person on the dinner date, the black jumpsuit is perfect. Aside from being sexy, it merges the neckline of your black dress with your pants.

With this outfit, you can be confident and wow your date. Finish this with a pair of sneakers or block heels. Accessorize this with a sling bag, and top it off with a fantastic-looking hairstyle.


If you don’t mind showing off more skin on that first date, this outfit is ideal. Rompers are perfect outfits for the first date, so nail this first date dress perfectly.

What You Should Talk About On The First Date

Whether it’s the casual first date, date night, evening dates, daytime dates, or daytime date, it’s very important that you feel confident with your personal style, no matter whether you wear jeans, leather pants, or the midi dress.

Aside from outfit planning, dating coaches would often also advise how to carry your best self by knowing what to talk about during first dates. According to dating coach Evan Marc Katz, first dates should be fun. So, it’s important to get a better sense of your date and be in a great conversion, including determining whether a second date is possible between the two of you. We wish you the best of luck on your first date!

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