BlogTrying To Be Cheesy This Valentine's Day?

Trying To Be Cheesy This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love and appreciation for the special people or person in your life. But the holiday doesn’t have to be serious, overly romantic or expensive. It can be fun, simple and utterly cheesy.

Let’s face it. Expressing affection means highlighting the little quirks and personality traits you adore about your significant other. You don’t need stuffiness to do that. Instead, go all out, being silly, corny and down-to-earth. So grab a punny card, some gorgeous flowers, and pair it with the cheesiest New York style pizza crust you can find.

Papa Johns Has the Cheesiest Option for Your Valentine’s Dinner

Once you decide it’s all about the cheese this year, you want to focus on planning a night that sinks together. That includes picking out a dinner that delivers taste, convenience and, of course, additional cheese.

Papa Johns is the place to go, offering its regular delicious menu with the addition of the adorable Valentine’s Day pizza. In the shape of a heart, it’s sure to win over the person you want to impress and show off the time it took to pull off this spectacular night. Oh, and it remains uncut because, well, you don’t want a broken heart.

Want to add to the menu? Of course, the cheese abounds at Papa Johns. Add a bit of spice with the jalapeno poppers as a starter, or go basic with the classic cheesy bread. Grab some garlic knots and toss them in a breadbasket for an authentic romantic feel. Place them on the table next to the candles and plates for a bit of ambiance.

Of course, don’t end the dinner without something sweet. If you’re going for cheese, ham it up further. Add something scrumptious, just like your valentine. Papa John’s has three options: select from warm chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon pull aparts or double chocolate chip brownies. 

Is Pizza on Your Valentine’s Gift List?

Are you wracking your brain for what present highlights how much you care? Remember, objects don’t hold feelings. It’s about the effort, thought and care you put in picking it out and delivering it.

Could you buy a simple necklace? Can you grab a gift card? Certainly, but years from now, the accessory may sit in a drawer somewhere, and the memory of that plastic card may fade away. However, when you plan a night of candlelight, soothing music and a favorite pie, you create a memory: something that lasts for a lifetime.

Select a favorite game, or pick out your special one’s favorite show. Pizza is easy to eat while you do what you both love. Isn’t that the point of finding your better half? You want to do things together, enjoying the moment.

This Valentine’s Day, bring on the cheese, showing your loved one just how much you care. Plan big, and make your special person smile. Search for cheese or vegan pizza delivery, and enhance a corny evening of love with the perfect meal.

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