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Fantastic Storage Hacks for Your Wardrobe

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A neat closet leaves you with a satisfying feeling for your bedroom. Having all your clothes and shoes methodically organised makes your space extra comfortable.

Sometimes your closet space might be tight due to owning a range of clothing or bad organisation inside. Luckily, there are crafty ways to create room in your closet to fit your belongings neatly. Here are some five storage hacks that will transform your wardrobe.

Go Vertical With Cloth Hangers

This simple hack will come in handy regardless of your wardrobe designs. Opt for a vertical hanging arrangement style for your coats, particularly if you have a narrow closet.

Your coats will be stacked one behind the other, creating more space to access your folded clothing. Your clothes are easily accessible here, making it far simpler to maintain a tidy arrangement.

The vertical hanging style leaves your hanging coats in a spruce manner. You may hang many more coats on the hangers as they have a front view.

Fit One Outfit On a Hanger

A great way to store many clothing items is to piece together complete outfits on a single hanger. This creates more room in your wardrobe for other clothing items. At the same time, finding outfits becomes easier as they’re already assembled.

You may creatively code your hanging clothes by colour to make them easier to find in clusters. Pegs come in handy for any challenges when hanging outfits.

Extra Grip With Rubber Bands On Hangers

Hangers can, at times, have slanting edges or slippy sides. Clothes continuously fall off such hangers which makes your wardrobe unpleasant.

Tying rubber bands at the ends of such hangers adds extra grip for your clothes, preventing them from slipping off.

Get Rid of the Drawer Piles

Traditionally, folding clothes in piles is the standard for drawers. However, this method is challenging to keep your clothes tidy.

When looking for clothes in a pile, you have to look one under the other, promoting a mess. Avoid this and instead, store your folded clothes vertically.

Roll up your sweaters and trousers and place them in a standing position. It makes each of the clothes visible and easily accessible.

Fold your t-shirts into neat piles and arrange them in an upright position in the drawer. They take up significantly less space this way, leading to more room for other clothes.

Rid yourself of the pile, and let’s go upright. Then, your clothes will be neat, and you can slide one out and another swiftly.

Save Your Shoe Space

Shoes can quickly crowd up your wardrobe space. They are generally bulky and require proper storage to avoid unnecessary space.

To save up on space, arrange your shoes in a heel to toe order rather than side by side in pairs. Though the side by side method is appealing, it takes up a lot more space.

The top part of the shoe makes for the widest part. The fronts take up much space when shoes are placed side-by-side. With the heel-to-toe placement, the heels take up less space, creating a tidy look and creating extra space.

Whether you own a sliding door wardrobe or a hinged one, you wouldn’t want your shoe arrangement to crowd up the space.

Implement these useful hacks and enjoy a neat and spaced out wardrobe space.

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