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10 Best Websites for Wedding Invitation Online

Planning a wedding is not a task of a few hours; rather, a person needs to focus on the minor details to take care of every bit and piece of the special day. If you just create a to-do list of wedding days then the first thing must be an invitation to the wedding day. 

The world of technology has forced different things to turn towards digitalization from tradition. The important innovation in the weddings of the present era is that from wedding invitations to wedding gifts everything has turned digital. 

1. Doratoon

Some couples assume that wedding cards are a boring addition to the wedding cost as people are just going to throw it out. It’s time to correct the mindset that if the wedding card contains a unique idea with the digital touch then nobody is going to throw it out.

Doratoon is an amazing website to get assistance with wedding invitations for online work. There are a lot of templates related to weddings available on the website according to the demands and requirements. 

A person can easily create a wedding invitation with the help of free animations available on the website. Doratoon has gotten attention in the recent era due to its unique and attractive features:

  •  Word cloud option
  • AI drawing facility
  • Change lens option
  • Voice over/ music addition
  • Props collections
  • Background options 
  • Addition of subtitles, etc.

How to use it?

After knowing about the best online wedding invitation maker the first question which arises in the mind is how to use it. A complete procedure of how to use Doratoon templates are explained here:

Step 1

Head towards the official website of Doratoon and sign up for your official account.

Step 2

Select the ‘create a new video’ option and the system will ask you about the method according to the field. Or you can choose the specific template you want to start the work.

Step 3

Add the desired scenes, text, characters, and templates according to style for a wedding invitation. You will be redirected to the editor section after selecting the style.

Step 4

A person can work on the editing including filter, color, brightness, and laying. After adding the title/tag for the video a person can export and save it as an MP4 file.

If you are thinking of putting a unique touch of digitalization in your wedding invitation then you must consider SOOMUS with it. Both of the websites work in collaboration to provide the best facilities to the customers in one place.

A person can easily create an animated wedding invitation using the animations of Doratoon and then add it to SOOMUS. The SOOMUS will make an invitation video of yourself by using the animation as a background. 

There are different animation effects, filters, and templates available on both of the websites. If you want to have a look then go now SOOMUS and Doratoon official websites for the check. 

2. Minted

Whatever you dream of will be available on this website. It is a staple website for brides and grooms for a very long time for good reasons. It is the best option for the selection of wedding invitation designs without the restriction of a shortage of choices in every style. 

It has a brand new option for the brides in which 30 amazing designs are available with complete customization. It has different categories including natural, romantic, modern, boho which make a dream effect even to the simple wedding invite.

3. Zola

The website is a one-stop shop for wedding shopping. It also contains an extensive collection of designs for the wedding invitation with 451 different choices. The different styles are suitable for people of different choices from classical or formal to fun or whimsical designs. 

A person can also customize invitations to add a photo of your own choice. A person can get 5 free samples specially for those who like to try different things before purchasing. Different perks are also available for the customers including free addressing and envelopes.

4. Etsy: RenCreate

It is the best website to shop for anything related to weddings as any experienced person would always suggest to you. The website is a treasure of amazing goods especially wedding invites without any exception. 

A person can enjoy a lot of favorites containing more than 100 designs to choose including romantic and floral themes. Amazing illustrations and vibrant colors are the most important features of this website. 

5. Etsy: Match Set Love Design

The couples who have just been fed up with finding the best design from hundreds of options can gain assistance from here. The website keeps mild and moderate templates for the customers to choose the best one from a small assortment. 

Customers can easily choose the desired design from the options and after that, anyone can download it for the editing and printing feature accordingly. It is the best suitable website for the invitations of weddings and information cards at a budget-friendly price. 

6. Zazzle

The website provides different options of wedding invitation designs along with the customization of coffee mugs, shirts, leggings, and many more. It is the best website for couples to have perfect fun with branded goods and unique touch to their wedding.

The options available on the website are endless as more than 175,000 designs are available as a readymade option and customization is also available. The website is very easy to filter things according to desires as it includes themes in modern or traditional styles.

7. Shutterfly: The Wedding Shop

It is a well-known website to have a printout of wedding photos along with the customization. The website recently started designing wedding invitations according to the demand of the customers. 

The website offers amazing designs including photos and other choices with a wide variety of styles. It contains a handful of tools that pop out from different designs and a person can easily contrast and compare different styles in a few clicks.

8. Greenvelope

If you want the addition of sustainability as well as zero wastage of resources in your wedding planning then it is the best option for you. This online wedding invitation website never disappoints a person as it contains over 400 readymade designs developed by different artists. 

The different kinds of invitations contain all the desired convenient features to make the special day more special. A person can also have different reminders for the guest as well as survey questions including the menu of the day. 

9. Artifact Uprising

The website works on the ideology of “try before you buy” to have an amazing buying experience. The sample kit of this website contains different options to have a selection of themes and designs of different types. 

The printing styles also have different varieties including digital, custom engraved, and foil stamped according to the demands. A person can easily figure out how they want to make the outlook and impression of the invitation from the 18 different designs. 

10. Mixbook

People always want to have destination weddings to create a dream effect for their weddings. What about an idea of a dream destination wedding invites the guests to have a mind-blowing effect before the marriage. The website provides customized templates to the users. 

A person can also add the photograph of themself as well as their spouse to the designs of the invitation. There is also an option of a wedding invitation sample kit which provides different options related to fonts, templates, shapes, and many more. 

Ending Remarks

The world of digitalization has changed our minds in different areas of life. We try to move towards digital ways to attract the audience and add unique features. We all know that weddings are one of the most important events in the life of a person. But it could be beneficial if the website is accessible to everyone. And, this all can be easily possible with “Accessibility Spark”, here you can find web accessibility tools which create an inclusive website from the outset.

Everyone wants to have a unique idea of wedding invitation to look different. We have provided you with a list of the 10 best wedding invitation websites online. A piece of complete information about the websites, their working, and features are explained above.

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