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How To Play ‘Dirty Pick A Number’: Best Questions To Ask

If you are hosting a party with friends or that special one, a dirty game can make it all the more fun. And it is time that we told you about a brilliant game. 

This dirty pick a number game 1 10 can be a great party mood changer. It can easily get everyone to participate, and you can get to know each other’s dirty little secrets. Yes, you heard us right; this freaky pick a number game dirty will put you in the mood for some fun and memorable experience. 

How To Play This ‘Dirty Pick a Number’ Game? 

To play this game, you will have to make a list of questions that are fun to answer. These questions will have multiple choices, and you can pick a number. The player may also be asked to pick a number of questions that they want to answer. 

Also, when one is given a question, then there are a number of options to pick from.

How to play ‘Dirty Pick a Number’: Best Questions to Ask

While playing this game, you will have to sort out a few number game questions. These are basic questions that pertain to anything that you want to know about the other person. 

For example, one question could be, “ Have you ever been in such a situation?” and the numbered answers could be as follows.

1. Got drunk after taking a lot of alcohol

2. Danced til midnight at a pub

3. Fallen head over heels in love

4. Gotten so annoyed you wanted to kill the other person

5. Kissed in front of everyone

6. Broken off a relationship

7. Hugged another person intimately

8. Slapped someone hard in public

9. Cried to sleep at night

10. Lost someone who is close to you 

11. Laughed so much that you had tears in your eyes

12. Felt alone

13. Consumed drugs secretly 

The person can then choose a number and get an answer accordingly. And the best part about it is that you can play a sexual pick a number game as well. That means the questions can all be dirty and sexy, making the game all the spicier. 

1. Research And Make Questions 

To do this, all you have to do is research and make a list of dirty questions that you find on the internet. And you will mostly be playing this game with your partners or close friends. So make sure the questions are chosen to keep them in mind. 

Then provide a list of answers that are dirty and exciting. The key is to have a good time, and you should be able to do that. If you know certain questions will embarrass your friends or they may not like them, then chuck the questions from the list. 

2. Make A List Of Answers 

Next, you will have to create a list of answers and number them. You can get as creative as you want with these answers. Also, if you are going to play it with your partner, then the list of this pick a number game freaky can get dirty as well. You can use this game on a date night to build the mood and ensure you have a gala time. 

Another way to spice this “pick a number question game dirty” game is by mixing it up with dares. So, the rules are the same, and you will have to pick up a number. But there are activities listed for every number, and the person has to do that. For example, if the question is “What do you want to do now?” you can number the answer as follows. 

1. Kiss someone in the room

2. Drink two pegs one after the other

3. Give the person on your left a lap dance

4. Eat cake off another’s face

5. Eat an entire banana with chili 

Once the person has picked a number, they will have to do the activity that is listed. You can also Snapchat pick a number freaky question game and find how people are playing it online. 

So if you want to play a number game dirty, there is nothing stopping you. Just be prepared beforehand and create the list of questions and answers to pick. Also, you can ask the people coming to your party if they are comfortable playing this game. 

If only couples are coming or you are having a girl’s night in, then this can truly be a great game to play. Hope you enjoy the pleasurable experience. 

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