WorldCreative Social Gatherings via the Emotional Accent of Andrey Efimov

Creative Social Gatherings via the Emotional Accent of Andrey Efimov

  Human beings are meant to be social animals. When we embrace that better part of our nature, augmented by various factors, the results can be overwhelmingly beneficial on a communal and personal level. Andrey Efimov is an internationally recognized videographer and photographer who is inclined towards capturing moments that testify to this concept. Working with names like Johnnie Walker, Esquire, and others to reflect the positivity of major festivals in Russia, Andrey’s personality mirrors the enthusiasm of crowds at these gatherings. These videos, viewable on websites and social media, prompt us to connect with our fellow citizens in an environment of food, music, drink, and even fashion; fueled by the visual confidence and emotion visible in the images Andrey has presented. The promise of a life abundant with yet-undiscovered friends and an embrace of what “living in the moment” can offer is an affect easily adopted if we but only try; this is the invisible wink Andrey Efimov imparts in his work. 

  There’s a special and indefinable quality to the photos and the moments that Andrey captures with the camera. The connection that one experiences when watching these videos is what audiences and companies crave. Immersing himself in these events, Andrey creates a conduit that transfers their energy and enthusiasm, whether that be serene or exuberant. It’s the same power of transference that a specific song can possess. There’s a kinship with music in his creations as Efimov explains, “I am a great music lover and I love everything new. Perhaps the most beautiful thing in life of an artist is to do what you love, to be immersed into “your” atmosphere. My formula is to live inside, feel everything through you, record and match the music. Voila – a project made with heart and effort brings joy not only to the author, but also the client, not to mention the audience.”

   Andrey was hired by alcohol brand Johnnie Walker as the official videographer to capture Esquire Weekend 2017.


  This event was conceived as a spatially animated and objectified version of Esquire magazine. Influential public figures in their fields participated in animated rubrics presented by separate thematic zones – public talks, performances, and musical sets. Sergey Kapkov, Kirill Serebrennikov, Nikolay Uskov, Kirill Richter, Talgat Batalov, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Alexander Tsypkin, Anton Sevidov, Ivan Dorn and Sergey Minaev himself in collaboration with the event guests became symbols of materialized chapters and values of the cult edition. Efimov was enlisted again by Johnnie Walker to create a similar production for Bosco Fresh Fest 2017 


One of the premier events in Moscow was the ever popular Chess and Jazz Grand Festival. 


The video which Andrey created for this massive event is a gathering of thousands and features performances from Grammy award winners CeeLo Green, Cory Henry, and other renowned foreign and local jazz bands. Food, drink, and yes chess competitions are all a part of the event that attracted large and enthusiastic audiences. Via these videos, Andrey’s love for the arts and social interaction is palpable. You cannot help but feel the energy of an event like this and long for the next one. Efimov praises those who collaborate with him on these productions as well as the attendees relating, “The most enjoyable part of my work is of course people, people, and people again. Life is a joy to be around creative people with burning eyes.  I love music terribly, and when it’s all mixed into one cocktail, isn’t it a dream job? The most pleasant thing in my work is to meet new creative people and artists with whom these three and many other events are full of. I like to be a part of something big, and of course I always try to capture emotions of guests and artists of festivals because they are the ones who convey the atmosphere of happiness, general merriment, and irrepressible joy which drives any event. This is my accent – emotion.”

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