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Couples Massage: Here’s What You Need To Know

While most of you have likely heard of a couples massage at some point, you might still be wondering exactly what a couples massage is, what to expect when you get one, or how to go about planning a session.

What Is A Couples Massage?

A couples massage is exactly as described, it’s when you and another person enjoy a massage together. While many people believe a couples massage is for just partners, it can be shared among friends just as well. You and another will enjoy a massage of your choice, you’ll have a massage therapist and your partner will have a massage therapist too.

First, where will you get a massage? There’s a wide range of options for you depending on where you live, bigger cities and populations usually have more massage therapy options. We’d recommend doing your own due diligence locally, but there’s a few global massage providers that are well known – like Soothe and Zeel. 

Or, you could stay at home and get the massage delivered to you. Pretty cool if you ask us. You don’t have to travel to a spa to get a spa-like couples massage. Thanks to at-home massage companies like Soothe, you can get a couples massage at your home! Talk about a specific gift for someone you love! It would make a great surprise. 

Whether you stay at home, go to a hotel, or you go to a massage provider, there’s still a few things you need to think about.

Your Massage Therapists

The actual massage you and your partner get is up to you. Many massage therapists offer a wide range of different massages, such as the deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, or sports massage. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the massage type you want, or a combination of massage techniques.

You do have the opportunity to choose just (1) massage therapist if you wish. In this case, they will bring one table and two sets of linens to accommodate both of you. You can decide who will go first and once the first massage is complete, your therapist will prepare the table for the next massage.

Starting Your Massage And What To Expect

Your massage therapist may begin your session with your choice of aromatic oils or soft music and lighting to help set the mood. To get started, you and your partner will disrobe and lay side by side on massage tables. You may disrobe to the degree you feel comfortable, and know that your modesty will always be protected by draping or covering private areas. You also have the ability to choose a massage therapist of your same gender, if that will make you more comfortable.

Massage Can Be Truly Beneficial

While a couples massage can be shared among friends or colleagues, it’s important to note that this type of massage is great for relationships. Massage releases oxytocin, a hormone that increases feelings of bonding and love. This stimulation can be especially important if you’ve been together for a long time.

The hormones released by touch can help the two of you reconnect and feel like you’re falling in love all over again. A couples massage is just as beneficial if you’re still growing your love and affection for one another, because it can reinforce the core feelings you have for one another. Since the experience can be intimate, it gives the two of you the opportunity to become closely bonded by sharing the experience together. 

Remember though, while this massage can be beneficial to partners, it can be just as beneficial to you and a friend.

You Get It Done You Way

Due to the flexibility of the couples massage, you’ll have the opportunity to get the massage just the way you want it – same goes to your partner. You’re going to have a number of different massages and massage techniques to choose from. Since there will be two massage therapists, you’ll have the ability to do one massage type and your partner will be able to do another.

We’d recommend taking the time to learn more about different massage types and how each one can benefit you.

Communication Is The Key

We realize some of you may have a partner or friend you want to include, but they’re not open to the idea at the moment. Communication is key and we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about everything you can expect. 

Keeping an open line of communication with your massage therapist is going to ensure you have the best possible experience during your treatment. 

Enjoy The Experience!

Yes, this is a time to pamper yourself. Enjoy it!

Don’t overthink it – relax, unwind, and make it a great experience! 

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