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Audience Engagement: 3 Ways to Take Your Direct Email Campaign to the Next Level

Online marketers always say it: the money is in the list. They mean your email list, of course, which is a collection of very warm leads who are receptive to your future products. Assuming you’ve already done the work of developing your email list, then comes the work of building a direct email campaign.

Some businesses focus on longevity, delivering weekly monthly emails to their customers. Others focus on high-impact, short-term campaigns around new launches. Either way, you want maximum conversion for efforts.

Not sure how to get it? Keep reading for three tips to your email marketing to the next level.

Don’t Always Be Selling

At the top of the list of direct email tips is the maxim to not always be selling. Subscribers don’t want a hard sell in every email. In fact, that’s a great way to get people to unsubscribe from your list. 

Instead, take a cue from inbound marketing. Break up the sales content with some content that offers your subscribers useful and relevant content. That means offering insight into their industry or providing tips that help them achieve their goals.

Not only does that give you some credibility, but it also makes them more receptive when your sales content does come along.

Keep It Visually Interesting

Most major email service providers allow for HTML emails. That means you can incorporate a lot of formatting into your email marketing campaign, such as columns and images.

You can even create a banner image that you use in every email to provide visual continuity. Don’t have a banner image ready to go? You can use a banner generator to make one.

These formatting options also let you do a little soft selling. For example, you can put linked images for some of your products in a column. That makes it easy for someone to click over and buy if they’re interested, while also casually reminding people about your offerings.

Employ Targeting

Any email list management service worth its salt lets you divide subscribers into sub-lists. Take advantage of that feature, especially if you offer several products that not every customer will want. Split the list up into major groups based on interests or prior purchases.

That lets you tailor content that will appeal specifically to those subscribers. The more you can tailor that content, the more engagement you’ll see with your direct email marketing campaign.

Building Better Direct Email

A good direct email campaign isn’t just about flogging the thing you want your subscribers to buy. It’s about reinforcing your relationship with the subscribers on your list.

You can do that by toning down the sales talk. Of course, you should do your best to sell your products, but temper that with useful content that benefits your subscribers.

Take advantage of HTML email options that let you build a more visually interesting email. Build sublists that let you tailor content to specific groups.

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