AutoAre Car Ramps Trustworthy? Let the Experts at AutoZone Answer Your Questions

Are Car Ramps Trustworthy? Let the Experts at AutoZone Answer Your Questions

When you want to change the oil in your vehicle, you might prefer to use car ramps rather than a jack and jack stand. Car ramps can be trustworthy as long as you follow the instructions to use supports rated for the weight of your vehicle. Experts at the leading auto parts store can answer any questions you have about car ramps. Here are a few tips for using car ramps safely.

Proper Usage Guidelines & Common Concerns Addressed

Start by making sure that the weight rating for ramps or a Duralast jack stand is sufficient for the gross vehicle weight of your car or truck. When you have the right ramps, you should follow a few guidelines to avoid injuries or damage to your vehicle.

Align the ramps with the tires of your vehicle and slowly drive up the ramp, keeping the wheels straight. You should have a spotter if you are not familiar with using ramps. Stop at the top and engage the parking brake. Maintaining proper alignment and using wheel chocks behind the opposite set of tires can prevent slipping.

Choosing the Right Car Ramps for Your Specific Needs

There are several factors to consider when shopping for car ramps. The first is the weight of your vehicle and the second is the width of the tires. If you drive a truck that has off-road tires or a sports car with wide tires, you might need wider ramps. A vehicle with a low front can also be harder to get on ramps. If this is the case, you could try using run-up boards or consider the benefits of a ramp stand vs jack stand.

The ramp material is another important choice. Steel ramps are more expensive and can be more durable than polymer ramps. Proper storage is essential to keep rust from undermining the integrity of these supports. Polymer ramps can be prone to crack. You should select the best ramps for your budget and vehicle maintenance needs.

When To Use Car Ramps or a Jack Stand

Car ramps are most useful for changing the oil or working under a vehicle. These supports can lift one end of a vehicle higher than a jack stand. A vehicle on ramps is resting under load, which means there is no safe way to remove the wheels or tires.

A jack and jack stand elevate one side of a vehicle at a time. This equipment is useful for changing tires, removing wheels or servicing brakes. With proper set up, these supports can also be safer to use when working alone.

How To Get the Best Deal on Car Ramps

Shop a large selection of car ramps in-store or online at the leading auto parts retailer. A price match policy can be a good way to save on car ramps if you find a better deal at a local retailer covered by this policy. Investing in high-quality car ramps can pay off if these lifts make it easier for you to change the oil in your vehicle and do other maintenance and repair tasks.

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