Autoafter parking your vehicle, for greatest safety you should get out of...

after parking your vehicle, for greatest safety you should get out of your vehicle:

1: after parking your vehicle, for greatest safety you should get out of your vehicle:

A. On the street side

B. Quickly

C. Slowly

D. On the curbside

Answer: The correct answer is D.


After parking your vehicle, you should get out of your vehicle on the curbside for the most significant safety. It is because getting out from the curbside can avoid accidents that can happen while getting out of the car.

Parking and Stopping Rules For More Safety

If you are parking in parallel parking, make sure your vehicle’s wheels are within 12 inches of the curb.
After parking the vehicle correctly, you must remember the three essential things: set up the foot or hand brake, stop the motor and lastly, remove the keys from the ignition.
Whenever you are getting out of your vehicle, whether from the left or right on a one-way street, make sure the road is clear to open the door. A little carelessness can turn into an accident. A passing vehicle can strike the door of your car or can harm you too.

Points To Be Remember While On Highway

If you are driving on a highway, do not park or stop your vehicle unless your vehicle is in the condition that you can’t move it.
And if you are in the condition that your vehicle is not moving, you must turn on your parking lights. If the visibility is poor, use your hazard lights. And try to move your car away from the highway as soon as possible. All these tips can help you to avoid serious accidents on a highway.
If you get stuck on a highway at night and your vehicle is not moving, then pull over to the right as far as you can. Along with this, use a warning signal light to put it behind your vehicle. And do not stand and cover the highway if you are doing repairing work or changing a tire. Heavy vehicles like buses or trucks must have warning lamps to use in time of emergency. If you have a heavy vehicle, and it gets stopped on a highway, then you must use your warning lamps. You should put and palace them 60 meters far from the vehicle in the back and the front.

Moving a Car From Parking

If your vehicle is parked, and you are moving it, then you must remember the following essential points before moving.

Before moving your car, check the traffic. Move only when the traffic is ok.
Pull away only when it is favorable to do.
Also, it would help if you gave signals that you are going to pull away from the curb.

So, this is all the information about vehicle parking. I hope this article will help you to be safe and more careful while parking or moving a vehicle. In this article, we have added a lot of information that is necessary to know if you want to park or move your car safely.

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