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7 Clever Children’s Toy Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

Organizing and maintaining your home with children is a bit challenging. Every playtime is a mess, and it is an on-repeat tidying-up for parents. Why not make cleaning time fun for children and start them young. It makes tidying up faster and teaches kids to do their household chores. With these strategic and well-planned storage solutions, you can easily avoid stepping on those dreadful Legos. At the same time, it creates more space and promotes organization skills inside the house. 

The main contributor to organizing things is arranging items in their exact place. And that is why toy storage containers provide a clutter-free home and maximize space. It is time to fix random toy boxes and unorganized collections from years ago. Make children enjoy cleaning time with these storage ideas! Here are some strategies and storage hacks to maintain your organized place. 

  1. Install Tilted Shelves and Bins

Color coding is an effective and fun way to organize in tilted bins. It makes arranging and locating things easier. Now, kids can conveniently place their toys with the things that go together. It highly saves space and less time for cleaning. Toddlers will enjoy organizing their toys and making part of the game.

Staying organized is challenging, but it does not mean it's impossible. It teaches your child where to put their toys after playing. So, it is better to place it somewhere they can reach it. Not too high or too low, just right! 

  1. Go for Rolling Carts and Containers 

Not every home has a playroom for children. And if that's the case, the house will surely be their play area. A rolling cart is worth considering when your kids like to play around inside the house. Children can quickly bring the rolling cart right where they need it. Simultaneously, it is easier to put back toys and items in various areas. 

Make sure that it is child-safe to prevent any injuries or accidents. In using a rolling cart, roll it where your kids want to play and place it on the room corner when not in use. 

  1. Use a Built-in Bookcase Toy Storage

If your home has a play area for your children, a bookcase toy storage is helpful for them! The storage design looks like a mini library, and it effectively creates a neat space. It has room for books and other things like toys, bags, and art materials. 

This storage hack is an entire bookcase dedicated to the children's playroom. Moreover, it is filled with storage shelves for essential things combined in one area.

4. Be Creative in Floating Storage Organizers 

You don't have to buy costly storage cabinets. Sometimes it is better to be creative and efficiently save more! Why not try hanging containers to keep things off the ground. You can also display it as a cute decorative element inside your bedroom. These over-the-door hangers are great storage for small stuff toys or lightweight things like dollhouse furniture, toy cars, etc. It holds, and stores daily use toys and other children's items. When it is not in use, you can fold it down so it won't take up much space. 

This storage idea is ideal for minimalist spaces. You can conveniently hang it up and take it down. At the same time, you can customize the height of this storage. 

5. Build a Wall Garage For The Toy Cars

Small cars keep on losing, and it isn't easy to find. You've bought five items, but it will only appear two later. That's why assembling a wall shoe rack into a small car garage is helpful. Simply hang the pieces on the wall to provide a suitable parking slot for the toy cars. Make sure to design it according to the size of the toy cars, so it will not roll off. 

This storage appears to create a decorative element inside your house. It is minimal, aesthetic, and multipurpose. 

6. Organize Toys with Slide-Out Under-the-Bed Storages

If you're not a fan of too much storage around, you might consider this storage idea. Think about owning a bed with drawers underneath or a trundle bed without the mattress. It saves space and allows your kid to store their toys neatly in the proper place. It enables your child to sort out and take out toys less declutter. Also, it effectively and conveniently arranges other children's stuff like clothes, socks, blankets, etc.

7. Be Creative and Use Photos as Labels. 

Colorful pictures create a fun way to make children clean up. Attaching bright and engaging photos on containers, cubbies, and other storage cabinets produced creative labels. It helps children know where to put things based on the picture itself. You can use laminated or sticker images so that they won't be destroyed easily. For instance, a photo of utensils indicates that spoons and forks go inside that storage. Ensure that the image correlates with the item to avoid confusion. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Indeed, less is more. It is time to explore possibilities and release your creativity. Don't hesitate to try these clever storage ideas today. Make cleaning time fun and exciting! For more storage ideas, visit 

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