Health and FitnessHow can Shiatsu Massage Therapy benefit your health?

How can Shiatsu Massage Therapy benefit your health?

Shiatsu Massage is one of the different types of massage therapy, it was originally in Japanese, but it follows traditional Chinese medicine. Like other massage therapy, Shiatsu massage will incorporate some Western and other holistic therapies.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage therapy is a body massage that first originated in Japan, and it follows Chinese traditional medicine. The massage is given by hand to provide deeply relaxing, and it also helps to treat many health problems and their underlying causes. Many healthcare professionals say that shiatsu modified the form of acupressure. This massage therapy involves pressing a particular part of the body to reduce tension and improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation. 

A shiatsu massage therapist will apply deep pressure on the body’s meridians, which helps your body to unblock the flow of energy. While shiatsu will use finger pressure, in some cases, the shiatsu therapist may also use palms, elbows, and sometimes feet to apply pressure along energy lines or paths to relieve pain and tension in the body and make you feel fresh. 

How does Shiatsu Massage work on the body?

Shiatsu massage therapy will use the fingers, thumbs, and palm to apply pressure on the various parts of your body and helps you to relieve all pains and correct all imbalances in your body. The pressure applied by therapists on particular body points will help promote energy flow and correct disharmonies throughout the body. Then it will provide a deeply relaxing experience, help relieve all stress, pain, and illness, and contribute to an improvement in overall health and well-being. 

Shiatsu massage therapists will different techniques like will holding, stretching, tapping, pressure, kneading, and soothing, using their thumbs, fingers, palms, and knees. The therapist will ask the client to change the position to allow them to work on the specified meridian points in the body to unblock the flow. Shiatsu massage therapy will regulate the nervous system activity and stimulate circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. Poor posture, joint problems, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, acute and chronic neck and back pain, sinusitis, and bronchitis are cured with the help of Shiatsu massage. 

How does Shiatsu Massage differ from other massage therapy?

In shiatsu, massage will be different from other massage therapy. You can keep your clothes on in Shiatsu massage, but you cannot keep your clothes on in many massages. The therapists will ask you to lay on the mat opposite the table because it is easy to apply pressure on your body. Shiatsu Massage will mainly focus on your joints and connective tissue rather than muscles. Like another massage, they will not apply oil during the shiatsu massage session, but in the case of Swedish massage, they will apply to the body to absorb into your skin. After the Shiatsu massage, you will feel energized and relaxed, which makes you get better sleep. In shiatsu and Swedish massage, both hands and palms will be used to do movements with the body. But in Swedish massage, they will use different techniques used in shiatsu, like effleurage, percussion, and friction. Shiatsu massage will focus only on the pressure points, but Swedish massage focuses on the muscles and connective tissues. 

Shiatsu and Thai massage will not use oil for massage, and both will mainly focus on improving the flow of energy throughout the body. Shiatsu focuses on providing deep pressure to twelve meridians in the body, but Thai massage concentrates on relieving tension, improving circulation, and enhancing flexibility. Shiatsu massage will help balance the energy flow in your whole body, but deep tissue massage will help you relieve injured muscles and chronic muscle tension.  

Shiatsu and a shiatsu massage originated from Japan, and they follow traditional Chinese medicine and use pressure techniques while massaging. Each aim is to restore, energize, or stabilize energy channels. It is different because the therapists will apply the pressure on different parts. Shi in shiatsu means finger, and ashi means foot. 

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage 

The following points will help to know about the benefits of Shiatsu massage.

  • Improve overall Health

Shiatsu massage has preventive and reactive elements to it and helps treat symptoms of a specific health issue and improve your overall health. Physical and mental conditions benefit from a good shiatsu massage help with stiffness, soreness, tension, digestion, blood circulation, and the nervous system.

  • Improves Your Circulation

Shiatsu massage will apply deep pressure on the parts of the body and help you to improve blood circulation in the blood. Shiatsu massage will help the digestive system function properly and decrease blood pressure in your body.

  • Reduce stress and depression

A shiatsu massage will relieve you from all your stress and depression. If you have stress and anxiety because of daily busyness, then shiatsu massage is your best choice. It will help you unwind all your stress and tension and make you think positively. There is no scientific proof that shiatsu massage will promote emotional and physical calm and reduce any tension in the body.

  • Skin Booster

Shiatsu massage will help stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface and influences the glands’ natural oil for your body. The massage technique followed in shiatsu massage will increase your skin’s smoothness and resilience and prevent wrinkles and imperfections. It makes you feel fresh and make your skin glow.

The following are some other benefits of Shiatsu massages 

  • Improve better sleep
  • Helps to solve digestive and blow issues
  • It helps to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy
  • Menstrual problems
  • It helps to reduce back and neck pain
  • Help to recovery from Sprains and sports injuries 
  • It helps Bring Relief to people living with arthritis


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