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4 Tips for Planning a Vacation with Elderly Parents

Most people take a vacation so they can leave the stresses of their life behind, if only for a few days. Planning a vacation at Luxury VIllas so that extended family can also come along too has a lot of benefits. Not only can you spend quality time together and make lots of happy new memories, but you also have people on hand to help with the kids. The downside of vacationing with elderly parents is there might be additional planning involved. Here’s a guide to making it happen with the minimum amount of stress. 

Choose the Right Destination

Don’t make a unilateral decision about where you are all going to vacation. Just because you like the idea of taking the kids to Disneyworld, it doesn’t mean your elderly parents will enjoy it. Have a family conference and ask for everyone’s input about where they want to go. Beach vacations are fun, but why not consider somewhere different, like Lake of the Ozarks?

Unless you are planning to pay for everyone, take their budget into account. It’s not fair to plan a really expensive vacation and then expect your elderly parents to pick up the tab. 

Travel Logistics

Planning travel can be tricky, especially if your parents live in a different city or state. They may not be well enough to hop on a plane without assistance and they probably won’t want to drive for hours. 

Take their health into account when making travel arrangements. For example, if they are not in the best health, it might be sensible to look into medical transport. A non-emergency medical escort service will ensure your elderly parents arrive at the destination in good health and without any issues. It’s peace of mind for all of you. 


Look for accommodation that suits everyone’s needs. Hotels are often the first choice for families, but while a hotel has plenty of facilities, it may not suit a vacation where the extended family is coming along. Instead, look at renting a condo or villa instead. You’ll have more room to relax and everyone will have some private space too. Plus, a self-catering vacation rental is easier when you have kids. You can cook meals at different times.

If you’re residing in and around the city of Nashville TN, it is suggested to visit resorts that have luxurious amenities like Soho House Nashville, or else visit a resort in the woods that have waterfalls near Nashville, where your parents can soak into the natural ambience. and older teens can come and go as they please, without disturbing other guests. 

Plan Visits to Attractions 

Look at the various attractions in the area you plan to visit and see what’s available to suit everyone. Kids and seniors have different interests, so make sure everyone is catered for. Your elderly parents might need some extra time to recover from the traveling, so use this as an opportunity to plan more adventurous days out with the kids. You can take them to a theme park while your parents relax and catch up on nap time. Enjoy some more relaxing days out for later in the week, when they are feeling more rested. 

Finally, don’t forget to check that your parents have all the medications and other paraphernalia they need before the trip. It’s one less thing to worry about when you arrive at your vacation destination. 

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