Kitchen4 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Copper Sinks To Your Home

4 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Copper Sinks To Your Home

Sinks are among the most overlooked elements in your room’s design. However, a sink expertly designed and made from quality materials can improve the aesthetics of any room while enhancing functionality. If you want to renovate or upgrade your home, consider adding copper sinks.

CopperSmith sinks are mostly handcrafted and moulded to provide the perfect sink for your home. Copper is a favourite for many homes because it lasts long, is eco-friendly, and adds a vintage appeal to your room. Here are four reasons why you should add copper sinks to your home.

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1. It Comes With Loads of Benefits

Copper sinks provide various benefits you would otherwise miss out on if you chose another material. First, they are large enough to clean your large or heavy-duty pans easily. In addition, they are considered a worthy investment because their value increases with time. Copper sinks can potentially increase your home’s value by over 20%.

In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain and only require cleaning with soap and water. Therefore, they don’t require high maintenance costs as long as you properly care for them. Also, the installation of your sink depends on the type of sink. This means CopperSmith sinks are available in different options depending on your needs.

Also, they are handcrafted to provide the highest precision and detail level compared to other materials. In addition, CopperSmith sinks are quite affordable. Regardless of the initial investment, copper increases in value over time. Copper sinks may be designed to offer more resistance to damage, helping you save money in the future.

2. Visual Appeal & Aesthetics

Another reason you need copper sinks in your house is because of their visual appeal. Copper sinks are glamorous and have good looks, adding a rustic charm to your room. It is referred to as a living material because its colour changes over the years, but the copper’s value increases as its patina shade changes. In addition, this tarnishing provides an antique appeal that makes your space look unique.

An entire market is dedicated to copper sinks because of their evolving looks. Copper sinks give your room a distinctive style that makes it look fresher and brighter. They are often created from an individual blade that has been hammered and exposed to air and water to form a patina. This process gives your sink a deep, enriched copper tone desirable to many.

In addition, CopperSmith sinks are available in various styles to provide different options for customers. For instance, depending on your taste, you can choose a hammered or smooth finish. Also, you can choose a copper sink with artistic designs if you want exclusivity. With the different copper tones available, you can have your sink made with your preferred design to match your decoration.

Copper experts claim that copper’s warmth and patina finish enhance comfort and its reflective qualities allow light to bounce throughout the room, adding a touch of elegance to your space. The warm undertone is ideal for white spaces, making the space feel like home. Regardless of your home’s theme, copper sinks will make it more attractive. For instance, a dull copper sink beautifully adds character to your country or traditional-style kitchen. In contrast, a smooth, polished copper sink is ideal for a modern or white kitchen as it will reflect light, adding warmth to the neutral space. Also, if you have black or exposed brick cabinets, go for polished copper to add charm to the space.

3. Convenient Functionality 

Most copper sinks are used as workstation sinks, like in kitchens. Copper is ideal for such sinks because of its high quality and smooth anti-dent surface. This makes it possible to use large utensils on the sinks. You can also soak your large pots and pans in your copper sink comfortably. In addition, you can add extra accessories to the sink without potentially damaging it. Finally, its surface and size make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Copper prides itself on its long-lasting durability, even after recycling and moulding. In addition, its ability to retain its strength allows your sink to be used for heavy-duty tasks. Also, copper does not oxidise or corrode even when used frequently or for prolonged periods, making it the ideal material for any sink. So, whether you want a drop-in, undermount, or farmhouse sink, copper is sturdy and will last for many years, allowing you to enjoy maximum functionality and durability.

4. Low Maintenance

Another thing to love about CopperSmith sinks is their cleanliness. Copper has antimicrobial properties that ensure bacteria die faster on copper sinks, resulting in a cleaner space. According to the Copper Development Association and the EPA, antibacterial copper surfaces should not be lacquered, painted, waxed, coated, or varnished in another way.

However, routine cleaning of your sink is advisable for good sanitation and to enhance the sink’s antibacterial performance. Washing your copper sink does not require any fancy cleaners. Instead, a mild soap, water, and soft cloth are enough to wash down your sink.

Sometimes, you can do a gentle scrub, ensuring you don’t use any harsh chemicals or rub the sink too hard. Roughly handling your sink can cause scratches on its surface. On the other hand, as the patina of your copper sink darkens with use, it protects the copper from the elements. For daily maintenance, avoid leaving dirty dishes and specific foods that are acidic because they have properties that can potentially damage the sink’s natural sheen.

You should also not leave toothpaste or cosmetics sitting in your copper sink for too long. Observing these daily maintenance tips contributes to the general health of your living space.


Copper sinks are uncommon because of the complexity of installation, but those who have them can enjoy using them for about 30 years. CopperSmith sinks are perfect for showing off your sink regardless of your colour or style preference. Also, the rustic appeal that almost looks brassy lightens your home. Gradually, the glorious copper sink colour is becoming an exquisite alternative to porcelain and stainless steel. Copper adds a hint of dynamism to your bathroom or kitchen while improving your home’s ornamental value. However, if you want personalised advice for your home, you can consult CopperSmith sinks experts.

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