BlogWhy Outsource for 2D Character Cartoon Animation?

Why Outsource for 2D Character Cartoon Animation?

Animated characters have become an essential aspect of our modern lives. Animation studios like Disney have appeared on the big screen since the early 20th century. Character cartoon animation is a specialist area of the medium. It is a process where animators give motionless character drawings life with expressive movements. And likable personalities to create memorable viewing experiences for viewers.

In short, this process requires expertise in different software for character animation. If you are not an expert in this sector, it could take a lot of time and effort for you to learn. The best course of action in this situation is to hire a professional 2D animator. They provide various advantages for companies in the entertainment sector.

This article begins by defining 2D character animation. And the most prominent advantages of working with a professional 2D animator.

2D Animation: Things You Should Know About It

2D animation creates scenes and actors in a 2D space. Depth illusion via perspective and foreshortening, like 2D photos without the use of 3D animation programs. Conventional animation methods involve drawing on transparent sheets and photographing each frame.

Computer technology has made 2D animation easier, but drawing processes are comparable. The software and methods used to perform this work vary by location. Many Los Angeles animation studios are well-known for their top-notch offerings.

Where Does It Work?

Consider using 2D animated videos to get the word out about a business that makes or sells things for everyone. For this age group, animated images are entertaining and appealing to watch. 

When completed, they convey the message more effectively than any other method. If it’s intriguing, it might spark conversations among groups of people. And gain popularity among those who didn’t watch it.

Why We Need to Outsource 2D Character Cartoon Animation

A common method for producing content like cartoons, animated ads, and video game components is 2D animation, often known as “2D animators.” Businesses in the entertainment sector might enjoy hiring a skilled 2D animator. What you should know about the advantages of working with a qualified 2D animator is as follows:

  1. They Improve Visual Quality

2D animation has higher-quality images than other types of animation. That’s why it is particularly well suited for on-screen presentations. 

A 2D animator may generate magnificent graphics that can attract an audience. And grab attention by using color, shading, and lighting techniques. This might be especially helpful if you want your commercials or web videos to have an effect.

  1. They Give Precision

Professional 2D animators have honed advanced animation abilities that allow them to make animations faster than people who lack prior animation knowledge. The procedure is often quicker. 

Professionals are aware of the value of cohesive, well-structured drawings that produce better animations. In the end, this enables faster turnaround times with greater accuracy. Then if the animation were done by a person without any previous expertise in creating such pictures.

  1. They Offer Editing Capabilities

Few tools can match the efficiency and speed of computer programmers like Adobe After Effects. Or Toon Boom Harmony Premium Studio Edition when it comes to editing videos. Two-dimensional animation experts with years of experience can use these tools to meet deadlines. While still producing high-quality work that can be modified later if necessary before final delivery.

  1. They Cut off Extra Cost

When compared to 3D or hand-drawn animations and illustrations, which need more sophisticated equipment. Because it requires less labor to operate, it makes 2D animation less expensive. Without losing the visual quality or features you would otherwise get from 3D animation companies. And 2D animation projects can keep expenses significantly cheaper by utilizing existing technology.

  1. They Save Your Precious Time

Operating a business is a huge task in and of itself, with many minor and major duties. Businesses have to make concessions to their core functions to fit in extracurricular activities like this. You will have ample time after outsourcing your video marketing to concentrate on your company. Everyone is aware that time is money. So, it is to your advantage to hire an expert to save you time.

  1. They Offer Flexible Production

If we compare 3D with 2D animators, 3D has a greater range of tools at their disposal. So this thing offers speedy experimentation during production. And flexible changes during post-production if necessary.

This is especially helpful when there are changes to the project or when clients ask for updates while it is being produced. Also, animators can produce plausible people. And landscapes faster than they could if they had to sketch everything from the start without knowing what resources they could use.

  1. They Provide Engaging Content

Partnering with an expert in animation will also give your company access to people in the field who have experience producing interesting material using digital media, such as motion graphics or 3D animation software. Having access to experts like these could be quite helpful. When modifying your content for many platforms as digital technology develops.

  1. They Have Command Over the Software

Managing many devices and programs can be time-consuming for someone. So, trying to create an animated video from scratch is impossible due to the always-evolving nature of technology.

On the other hand, professionally experienced 2D animators have access to animation software. Software needs different coding techniques. So, this thing not only makes creating difficult scenes simpler, but it also allows smoother transitions between them to seamlessly form one coherent piece.

By enabling smooth movement across several platforms and lowering human error throughout development, this adds value and creates a polished final product suitable for market release.


Hiring 2D character cartoon animation has many advantages that can assist your company in various ways. There are several benefits to hiring an animator. From raising brand awareness to enhancing employee collaboration. 

Before choosing an artist or agency to work with, take some time to consider your options if you’re not sure if this kind of animation is the best fit for your business. 

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