BlogWhy OfferToro's Offerwall is the best there is online

Why OfferToro’s Offerwall is the best there is online

What is an Offerwall?

Offerwalls have been around for years and have been used by companies of all sizes. 

They are the perfect way to monetize a website or app without charging visitors. They can also be seen in many different types of apps, including games.

Offerwalls are also a great way to promote your business. Basically, they provide companies with the opportunity to display their products and services to potential clients.

An offerwall like OfferToro can help you generate revenue from your mobile app, website, and digital content. 

It is very effective to monetize your app and website since it pays you whenever a user completes an offer. 

As a bonus, the user also reaps virtual rewards, delighting them and increasing their likelihood to return. Candy Crush or Bejewelled Classic can sometimes be challenging, so you need a hint or an extra life. 

Why not try it out taking a survey, or registering your name? If so, then you are familiar with the concept of an offerwall. 

Free app users aren’t the only ones to engage with offerwalls. But more than 90% of those who engage with them won’t pay to download the app. 

That may be a bummer for developers, but it emphasizes the potential revenue they can generate with offerwalls.

How does an offerwall like OfferToro’s work?

By offering incentives for extending app sessions and even spending a few coins, you can entice users to pay.

Picture it: 

During a crucial point in the user journey, your users realize they’re out of game currency, much to their dismay. In an apparent effort to anticipate the user’s needs, the app displays a pop-up that reads “earn currency.” 

Here’s the best part: 

Users don’t have to interact with one ad to level up in the game or earn currency, for example. A wide selection of offers and a variety of currencies are available to the users. 

OfferToro allows users to choose according to their interests and gives them a certain amount of freedom. How much time and engagement are required for them to interact with the app.

Advantages to using offerwalls

Developers looking to monetize their apps can still take advantage of offer walls even though they’re not perfect.

  • Due to their user-initiated nature, they do not disrupt your daily life like traditional advertising does.
  • Through these sites, you can earn virtual currency for free. It is a method that allows sites and apps to monetize non-paying users through an alternative approach.
  • Retention increases as a result. In one scenario, an app retained 55.83% of users after 30 days. You will have devoted users and keep them engaged by providing virtual currency.

Why OfferToro’s Offerwall is one of the best, there is online

With the OfferToro API, you can automatically pull, and display offers that are relevant to your business. Using our web offerwall or mobile SDK is unnecessary if you intend to pull specific campaigns into your system.

As with other in-app advertisements, offerwalls are an effective way for developers to monetize their players’ actions.

Most of your players won’t be paying anyway if your game is based on in-app purchases. Therefore, even if only a few interact with offerwalls, you are already winning. 

Is there a reason for developers to perceive in-app advertising as a threat to in-app purchases?

The answer is no. In-app purchases are 10 to 14 times more likely to occur for offerwall users, according to ironSource. What is the reason? These ads show players the premium experience. They become addicted after just a short time.

As far as eCPMs are concerned, offerwalls have one “pro.” Players are not easily persuaded to complete actions. 

Advertisers can reach engaged, high-quality audiences through these methods, but they take time. The result is high eCPMs for publishers due to advertisers paying more for offerwalls.

Opt-in ads are generally not a problem for players. User engagement with offerwalls is voluntary, so they do not ruin the experience for users. It would be even better to have them customized to fit the game’s user experience. 

Additionally, offerwalls can increase player retention. Players who already have a high level of engagement in the game are more likely to benefit from them. 

The player wants the hard currency badly, so they go to get it. Players no longer churn when the game pauses their progress. 

Users who engage with offerwalls are five to seven times more likely to remain engaged than those who don’t. The retention rates are five to seven times higher on days 7, 14, and 30. Offerwalls are indeed attractive to loyal customers.

Uses mobile OfferWall

The offerwall of OfferToro is an in-app advertising unit that generates revenue from engagements within an application. The Android and iOS mobile platforms tend to be the most common platforms to use them.

The Offerwall is a storefront where users can earn in-app currency by signing up for free trials. These offers may also encourage players to download and install promoted apps or reach specific game milestones.

The benefits of OfferToro’s mobile offerwalls

Research shows that mobile players are highly responsive to advertising, provided they get something in return for their engagement. Ads are rewarded for engagement with a user-friendly opt-in portal offered by offerwalls.

End-users don’t have to be the only ones to benefit from offerwalls. Developers and advertisers also reap enormous rewards from them. 

The following benefits are consistently produced when developers implement an offerwall in their apps:

More Monetized Players  

In the absence of IAPs, offerwalls offer an alternative way to monetize most players.

Positive User Experience 

Your offerwall can be customized to match your application’s branding while offering 100% opt-in advertising.

Increased Retention 

Additional ways to earn virtual currency can keep your most dedicated players engaged for longer, thus extending gameplay time.

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