MarketingWhat is 2D Animation? Everything You Need to Know

What is 2D Animation? Everything You Need to Know

2D is the art of creating motion in two dimensions. This includes special effects, backgrounds, characters, and various creatures.

The illusion of movement is created when the drawings are combined in time. Depending on the animation style, there can be up to 24 unique drawings. As a rule, animation is done for “2 seconds”, which means that rendering is done every 2 frames. Thus, artists can save time on production, give a unique look. If you need an experienced 2d animation services provider, then you’ve come to the right place.

2D animation to date

It is a diverse and popular environment that is making a comeback again. Can be seen in various television shows, video game creation, movie filming, commercials, mobile phone applications, and website development. There are many examples where 2D animation is currently used. Several social media platforms also launch animated series, with episodes of several minutes in length. Recently there has been a rise in the popularity of 2D games.

Animation is used in the vastness of the Internet, including advertising, in the development of entertainment, even if, when viewing them, you do not immediately understand that it is 2D. The industry is developing rapidly. TV animation is popular, as are streaming services that are constantly looking for new content.

The demand for 2D animators capable of creating unique, entertaining and engaging content has increased significantly in recent years. Experienced artists are required who enjoy their work and who know how to create engaging and original content.

What does a 2D animator need to do? How promising is it to find a job? What can a novice specialist count on in comparison with experienced craftsmen? What is the best software used?

What should a 2D animator do?

It conveys messages or a story, allows characters, objects and backgrounds to move in a two-dimensional environment. In addition to drawing skills, they need to be able to tell beautifully. They are responsible for the accurate transmission of messages or stories, and move the characters in such a way that it is interesting for the audience. Anyone who wants to become a 2D animator should know the principles of animation.

Although most of the work is done with a computer, drawing skills will be helpful. Additional responsibilities may include:

• making sketches of projects;

• work on characters;

• storyboard;

• special effects;

• development of scenes;

• transitional backgrounds.

This is not the entire production cycle, it is divided into several parts: preparation, production and post-production. At the initial stage, the project is at an early stage, the team is developing a story, developing characters, writing a script, recording dialogues, and storyboarding.

In the production phase, characters are given life and objects are given movement. Then the painting and processing takes place, the background is superimposed.

Post-production is the final stage of adding sound, editing is carried out to make the project sharp and smooth, then export to the final format takes place.

Since in the process of work you have to cooperate with other people, communication skills are needed.

Career prospects

2D animators can get jobs in the creation of films, television shows, video games, advertising agencies, studios for creating websites, mobile applications, and production companies.

If you are studying 2D animation, becoming an “animator” is not necessary as there are many vacancies. You can work as an animator, animation supervisor, director, game developer, character designer, storyboard artist, illustrator.

You can also switch to 3D if you feel like it, but for some it is difficult to switch to other activities.


There is enough software available, but if you want to do it professionally, use the standard software like in big studios. This will increase your chances of getting a job. Toon Boom is actively used, where you can do all the work except editing. For some productions, Harmony is used. Also used Cartoon boom harmony, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Flash and others.

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