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What Are the Benefits of Extractor Fans?

When a property has insufficient ventilation, it is at risk of several things. Not only might you attract harmful mould to the walls and windows, but you could also leave your physical health at risk by reducing the quality of the air you live around as well. There is a simple way to improve air quality, run a preventative scheme against mould and generally protect your property, and that is installing extractor fans in key areas. What are the benefits? See all about it in the post below. 

What Do Extractor Fans Do?

The simple explanation is that an extractor fan removes moist air from a room. They are most commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, or utility spaces because this is where things like showers, laundry, and cooking happen, which naturally causes an increase in the amount of moisture in the air. This happens because of an impeller, which increases the pressure and sucks air through the duct to go elsewhere. It means the internal fan can circulate fresher air from the surrounding area and, therefore, complete the cycle. 

Why Are They Needed?

Extractor fans perform vital functions in both domestic and commercial properties. Without a way to correct and move moisture levels in the air, spaces become vulnerable to general deterioration and distinct damage. When left unchecked, structural problems can arise and major health concerns like mould can take hold too. 

Excess Moisture 

The last thing your property needs is a build-up of moisture with nowhere to go. If water droplets in the air are not given an exit path they will just hang about in the atmosphere and find a new home on your walls, windows, and surfaces. Not only will this bring a general smell of must and damp into your house, but it will also pave the way for more unsettling things to grow roots like mildew and mould, which can crop up anywhere the conditions are right. 

Mould Concerns

Extractor fans removing excess moisture from the air means there is less chance of mould appearing. Mould should be a concern for anyone who spies it on their property and dealt with efficiently and promptly. Black mould, the most common type from indoor moisture problems, does not affect everyone in the same way but has the potential to harm anyone that lives around or comes in contact with it. The main concerns about mould are:

  • Asthma sufferers are likely to become worse and suffer more if they are battling mould problems in the home. 
  • Anyone can notice symptoms like allergic reactions such as sneezing, wheezing, runny eyes, scratchy throats, headaches, and breathing problems in extreme cases. 

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Air Circulation

They are also needed for improving air circulation, which is an integral part of staying healthy. Fresh air is always welcome, especially indoors where it may be less accessible. It improves concentration, keeps you motivated, and is great for lots of physical considerations too. 

Extractor Fans and Improving The Quality of the Air

Through this simple air circulation model, extractor fans achieve an improvement in indoor air quality. They eliminate pollutants, bad smells, and other harmful toxins that may cause a problem with your health. Good air quality is very important as cleaner air depletes the risk of disease, is better for heart health, and helps prevent respiratory illness as well. 


Ignoring or even disregarding the effects of moisture in the air is going to cost you money after a certain point. There will be inevitable damages and, therefore, renovation costs to come, maybe even after a short timeframe too if the moisture problem is particularly bad. While installing extractor units will have an upfront cost, it is arguably worth it considering how effective they are in terms of cost-saving and preventing extensive damage. 

Protect Your Property From Damp

They do this by saving your property from unmanageable levels of damp. While there will always be some moisture to contend with, the effects of said moisture will be much less prominent if there are preventative measures installed and up and running in core areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. 

Which Rooms Will Benefit the Most?

Where do extractor fans have the most use? You might hear people say bathrooms and kitchens, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Extractor fans have long since been a staple in these two settings. The truth is that they will find a purpose regardless of where you install them within your home. Don’t forget, they can simply serve as air improvement devices too. 


Kitchens are the heart of the home. However, they are also filled with smells that pierce the air, and moisture too. There is a real call to install extractor fans into kitchens because ultimately, you don’t want to have to overcorrect later down the line. 


It goes without saying that the bathroom is often the dampest room on the entire property. This is where people go to shower and take a bath. The air is warm. It is moist. This is a fatal combination when it comes to mould accumulation and poor air circulating around. A bathroom is one of the key places you will find an extractor-style fan because it is where they are most useful. 

Utility Spaces 

Utility spaces are typically used for drying and washing clothes, amongst other things. There will always be moisture around when these activities are ongoing, and combine that with a sink unit and it becomes the perfect storm for damp and mildew and everything in between. So you do need to take action in these areas to prevent damage and further complications.                                                         

So extractor fans have a lot of uses in various contexts within any property. For high-traffic moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, they can not only improve the air in general but also prevent the negative consequences of damp. The benefits are clear to see, and for any property that is prone to retaining moisture, it is worth the exploration to see if an extractor fan can prevent and mitigate consequential damages. 

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