CBDWhat Are the Benefits and Effects of THCP Cannabinoid?

What Are the Benefits and Effects of THCP Cannabinoid?

THCP's therapeutic benefits are of great interest to both researchers and consumers. THCP may have some therapeutic effects based on the limited research available:

  • Mobilization increases
  • Analgesic effects
  • Temperature drop

Researchers believe THCP Cannabinoid may also provide many of the same benefits to Delta-9-THC. It includes pain relief, sleep support, and relief from nausea and vomiting. A comprehensive understanding of THCP's therapeutic potential requires more research.

What Are the Side Effects Of THC-P?

Due to the lack of research on THCP, side effects cannot be determined. Many experts agree that the risk profile of this new cannabinoid is similar to that of Delta-9-THC.

Remember that hemp is still not regulated and that many manufacturers aren't skilled in making trendy THC products. THCP can have side effects by itself, but the formula poses the most significant risk.

Side effects are unlikely when a high-quality product has been used responsibly. Incorrect use can still lead to these side effects, however.

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Heart rate increases
  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • A higher thirst
  • Hunger
  • Tiredness

Side effects associated with THCP may be more severe than those of traditional THC because it is believed to bind to your CB1 receptor more effectively. We assume that side effects are dose-dependent, so we recommend that THC users start slowly and carefully as they adjust to their dose.

How Does THCP Affect Drug Tests?

It has been discovered that all forms of THC (including THCP) are converted in the body to 11-hydroxy-THC. Drug tests can detect this THC metabolite, but not Delta-9. It means that any form of THC can trigger a positive result.

THCP is legal in some areas but will be detected on a drug test like other THC products. The form of THC you consume can also be challenging to prove.

Learn more about the Delta-8 results in drug tests to understand how it works.

What Is THCP Used For?

Although THCP is still a new product and can be hard to find in the current hemp market, its popularity is growing, mainly among seasoned cannabis users interested in its massively increased potency.

Here's an overview of THC or THC-P products currently on the market for those who aren't familiar with them.


There are many THC edibles, including traditional and sublingual edibles.

Traditional edibles like gummies or baked goods are eaten by chewing and swallowing. It means that they must be digested. On the other hand, sublingual edibles are meant to melt in the mouth so that the THC can absorb by your mucus membranes.

Both methods can provide the benefit of premeasured doses. However, THC edibles that have been metabolized might have different effects due to how THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC within the stomach.

Although THCP edibles may not be very common yet, they might be preferred by THC users who are more experienced.

THCP naturally occurs in cannabis. Experts speculate that it could be responsible for the unexpected high from many high-THC strains sold at dispensaries throughout the country. THCP wasn't discovered until recently, and it's been present in cannabis for a long time.

You may now be able to find high-potency strains with low levels of THCP as the molecule is being isolated. These are not usually legal under federal standards. However, it is possible to obtain hemp flowers with hemp-derived THCP. It is similar to how the Delta-8 flower was made.

There are other forms of THCP.

Although there may be limited availability of THCP in other forms, the THCP market remains very active. Some people have mentioned THCP concentrates. However, this formulation is not widely used as it is difficult to control and dose due to THCP's higher potency. Be aware of any THCP products that you might find. Always verify the source of your hemp and third-party lab testing for hemp products before purchasing.

Conclusion: What exactly is THCP?

The hemp market has recently been introduced to tetrahydrocannabiphorol – THCP. Its incredible potency and accessibility have made it a hot commodity, particularly for highly tolerant THC users. The therapeutic potential and general effects of this compound remain unknown. However, many users enjoy its intense psychoactivity and believe it can provide pain relief and sleep support.

THCP is currently unavailable in all dosing formats, but it is becoming more popular as more hemp producers improve their THCP formulas. We recommend you choose a trusted hemp manufacturer that offers third-party lab testing for each batch if you want to test it yourself. Check out Vivimu Collection for a variety of high-quality hemp-derived THC products that you can order online.

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