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Rainbow Kiss | What Is It, Definition & Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to making love, there are different positions and acts known to everybody out there. A simple search on the internet can give you enough information about making love to your partner in different ways. While trying new things in the bed is not everyone's cup of tea, many find it amazing. If you are among them, then you must explore more ways to know your partner in bed. There are many things that are still less known to many people around the world when it comes to sex acts in beds. One of them is Rainbow Kiss. There are many definitions of a Rainbow Kiss but when it comes to sex, it is something you must try.


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This post is all about the Rainbow Kiss act in bed and everything a person needs to know about it. We've seen a lot of people searching for it on the internet, so we thought to post an entire guide about it. On this page, you can get to know the rainbow kiss definition along with the correct procedure to do it. Also, one must not forget the safety instructions while being physical with a person. Not only the Rainbow Kiss but you must take precautions before doing anything sexual with a partner. This definitely does not include your lips, so if you are not into something kinky, unfortunately, Rainbo Kiss is not for you.

What Is A Rainbow Kiss?

If you are curious to know the rainbow kiss meaning, then we will help you with the simplest definition of it. When a female is on her period gives a blow job to her partner, while the male goes down on her. Once both have ejaculated, they kiss each other to mix the blood and semen and create a mixture of it with their mouth. While it may sound gross, it actually improves the bond between the two and many sexologists have recommended it too. If you have tried 69 position before, then try doing it again while the girl is on her menstruation period and do a kiss after you both have finished ejaculating.

Is Rainbow Kiss Safe?

It's not only you but a lot of people think doing Rainbow Kiss might not be safe as it includes blood, semen, and the mouth. Well, it's true that many individuals have already tried it, but everyone must understand it first before actually trying it. There's nothing bad or something to be scared of but of course, you can take the help of a doctor to be on a safer side. Both partners must get tested for STIs and other blood-related issues before doing a Rainbow Kiss. Since blood and semen can carry different types of infectious particles, you must be sure of your partner's STD status and every expert recommends it.

How To Perform Rainbow Kiss With Your Partner?

Always remember, while getting physical with someone, consent is the most important thing. Both the partners must mutually agree to perform the rainbow kiss as it requires some planning and communication. After ejaculation, you both need to hold semen and blood in the mouth for a kiss and that can be a tedious process. You both must understand each other and sexual preferences to do it in the best possible way. Holding and slurping blood/semen is definitely not recommended to make sure you both ejaculate at the same time. Take some time, discuss with each other, read some books, watch some videos, take help from the doctors in your city, and go for it.

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If you are unsure of the right way to do Rainbow Kiss with your partner, then there are so many online communities out there where you can openly discuss about it and take suggestions from others who have already done it before. Here's how you can start with Rainbow Kiss:

  • Start with a little arousal, and the male must do it more to the female since they take some time in reaching the peak.
  • Stay focused on your goal and keep communicating with each other during the process.
  • Once you both have ejaculated, keep a little portion of the semen and blood in your mouth and start kissing each other while mixing both things with your mouth.
  • It is more about being sexually and mentally active instead of trying to mix both the fluids. You must enjoy the process rather than think about the goal.
  • Once you are done, both of you must use some tissues to clear your private areas and give your mouth a wash.
  • Don't forget to talk about the experience and if your partner has enjoyed it or not.

What Is The Philosophy Behind A Rainbow Kiss?

Those who are not into trying something adventurous and kinky stuff in bed might feel the Rainbow Kiss is a bad idea. While couples who are careless about having fun and experimenting with something new find it enjoyable. The main aim of this activity is to increase the bond between the two and to help them break taboo with the menstrual blood. If you are feeling worried about the taste and smell and thinking of dropping the idea of doing it, then you can use some flavored lube to get rid of unwanted smell and taste. Also, orgasm relieves a women's menstrual cramps, so it can be a good idea to try it at least once.

Why Do People Like Rainbow Kiss?

As we said above, the Rainbow Kiss is more of an emotional activity than being physical. The couple must enjoy the entire session and activity without thinking about the goal. The main aim of doing a Rainbow Kiss must be knowing each other and indulging in the act. Many sexologists say that it increases your trust in your partner as you both take each other's semen into your mouth and kiss afterward. Also, some people do it only to try something new in the bed. It completely depends on the choice of the couple why they really want to do it.

Who Invented The Rainbow Kiss?

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It is quite a mystery about who actually invented the physical Rainbow Kiss act but in 2006 the term “Rainbow Kiss” came out to the world. Simon Farquhar, a Scottish writer wrote a script which was played in the Royal Court Theatre, London. The play was titled “Rainbow Kiss” and had a song with the same name. This play showed a young beautiful woman who went out to have a one-night stand with a boy. While the boy staked everything on that night for her because he wanted a long relationship with her, the lady wanted only a one-night stand with him.

While the play did not show anything sexual or related to the actual “Rainbow Kiss” we are talking about, but the term was first heard in that play.

Why do people practice rainbow kisses?

While many may find rainbow kisses gross, there are others who think it is a great way to spice up their sex lives. It is true that it is relatively new, and you might have come across it on TikTok or Instagram. 

There are many to abstain from engaging in sexual encounters and even avoid masturbating when they menstruate. These women see menstruation as a hindrance to their sexual life. However, there are other women who make the most of this time to enjoy maximum pleasure. 

There is no right or wrong to it, as long as you are comfortable with what you do. It is true that having sex on period has been quite a thing for a long time, but rainbow kisses are a whole different ball game. 

Rainbow kisses are a demonstration of confidence when you are menstruating and in bed with your partner. It can even be considered a blood pact among those who practice it!

Can a rainbow kiss be dangerous?

If practised without caution, rainbow kisses can actually be quite dangerous. The act is pretty intimate and involves the transfer of body fluids. So, it is best that you practice it with an intimate partner who you trust. 

For obvious health reasons, it is best that you choose a trustworthy partner for this. Without proper caution, you can end up being a victim of STDs and STIs. Menstrual blood can be a great risk factor for men if the woman in question suffers from a viral STI. 

It is particularly important for young people to understand the implication of this. Only then can they take the proper measures needed to remain safe. So, we would always advise that you check the medical history of your partner before giving them a rainbow kiss. 

Are There Any Rainbow Kiss Variations?

The way of doing a Rainbow Kiss is between a man and woman because it needs to involve both semen and blood, but people have started making variations to it. Nowadays, people are open about homosexuality so it can also be done by man on man and women on women too. Although kissing after ejaculation must be done in order to complete the Rainbow Kissing process. You can make changes to the act accordingly as being satisfied and enjoying the act is more important than following the rules.

Things To Remember While Doing Rainbow Kissing

While the Rainbow Kiss is a safe act, we must not forget about sexually transmitted diseases. Also, when it woman is on her period it becomes difficult for her to control her emotions as many mood swings happen during that time. Cleaning the blood afterward can be a major problem for some couples, and so on. The list is endless but if you both have mutually decided to do it, then you can take notes of a few things before actually going into action. Do not miss the opportunity to do a rainbow kiss as this generation is always ready to try something new. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before doing the Rainbow Kiss with your partner.

Talk More About It With Each Other

We agree that doing Rainbow Kiss is not at all an easy task and for couples doing it for the first time, it is a thing of wonderland. Before you dive into the act, make sure to talk about it with your partner. Knowing their fantasies and things they want to try in bed can help you in doing the Rainbow Kiss in the right way. If you both are unaware of the right things to talk about, take the help of a doctor or professional to understand the act in the best possible way.

Get Tested For STDs

It doesn't matter if you are having sex with your partner for a long time, doing Rainbow Kiss is a whole different thing. It includes both semen and the blood that does right in the mouth of both. You can get tested for STDs and other necessary things before doing it to make sure you both stay safe from the unwanted risks. Also, make sure to wash your private parts and mouth before Rainbow Kissing to make sure the little dirt and harmful particles that reside in the mouth are all cleaned up.

Use Dark or Black Colored Sheets

The bloodstains are very hard to wash off and that is why you must use a black or dark-colored bed sheet or towel while doing the Rainbow Kiss. This will help you in keeping everything out of sight from others (if you are not alone where you are doing this). We will definitely not recommend you do Rainbow Kiss with a stranger or on a one-night stand because of unsure of the status of your partner. It can be difficult for a person to do things like this before talking about it.

Remember! Foreplay Is Important

Anything sexual requires arousal and without being turned on it is very boring to indulge in these activities. While talking with your partner about the things you are doing to do, get naked and start the foreplay work. You both can keep each other aroused until the level where you are ready to give it a go. Not only with the Rainbow Kiss but you must do foreplay before any sexual activity. It only turns a person on but increases your blood flow, body's temperature, mood to get into the action, and overall the pleasure of the final result.

Do Not Hesitate To Speak Up During The Act

While you are into the action, you can keep talking with your partner to know how they are feeling about it. You can be extra romantic and say a few sexual things to turn your partner on. Well, this is a golden tip that works the best to get the best results in any sexual activity and not only the Rainbow Kiss. If you or your partner is feeling uncomfortable with something during the act, you can modify the act based on your needs and preferences. It is very important to know your partner's choices while doing something physical.

Final Words

So, we hope you have understood the rainbow kiss love meaning by this post and now you are more confident in doing it. You can take the help of the internet or simply visit a doctor to seek more advice on it. rainbow kisses are definitely very underrated and less known to the people and according to us, every couple must try it once.

We will keep this post updated with more information on rainbowkiss, so do visit it often to know about it. Remember to keep the things we've mentioned here before doing rainbow.kiss to make things easier. If you have tried it before or want to know something specific about it, feel free to contact us regarding it.

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