CasinoPlay Smash the Pig online slots for real money

Play Smash the Pig online slots for real money

Smash the Pig can be described in two words; charming perfection. The action of the game probably takes place on some farm on a sunny day. The atmosphere of the game is very joyful and pleasant. At times it takes us all back to our childhood days.

In spite of the fact that there isn't a creative theme to this game, the level of detail in every aspect really sets it apart from its competitors. The game is rich with intricate elements in every inch of its design that adds to its charm.

Smash the Pig slot navigation

Smash the Pig slot like other simple free fruit gambling games, looks very clear and we must admit that the rules in this game are also quite easy. Sometimes it's worth switching to such a simple slot machine to finally be able to relax while playing.

On the main taskbar you will find a button where you can check the paytable.

Literally next to it is the option to select a bet.

Then you have information about the bet being placed on all 20 paylines at once. And the last option on the taskbar is an arrow that starts spinning the reels when you select a bet.

There's also a luck counter shown above the reels, which measures how much luck you've accumulated in one round. Your luck depends in particular on winning combinations of high paying symbols.

The game menu is very simple and has no special settings. There is no autoplay or quick spin reel option. The only thing you can control during the game is the sound, you can turn it on and off at any time during the game.

Game symbols

The symbols on the reels of a particular game include the usual playing cards (A, K, Q and J), which are the basic symbols in most slot machines and are not high paying symbols. Then we also have a hammer, a bronze coin with an image of Abraham Lincoln, a wad of banknotes and the Smash the Pig logo. In addition, we have two more different pig symbols, which are scatter symbols in the game.

Special features of Smash the Pig game

Even such a simple game has its original bonus features, which we will gladly introduce to you in our review. We'll start with the “Choose the Pig” feature. This bonus can be triggered when you manage to collect three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels of the reels while playing Smash the Pig for free. In this case, the scatter symbol is the piggy bank.

Pick a Pig Bonus

Several pigs will appear on the screen. You must pick one pig to reveal a prize. Once uncovered, you can win:

  • A random multiplier from 1x to 20x your base stake.
  • A random multiplier of 1x to 15x your bet at the beginning of the round with another chance to choose.
  • The “win all” option reveals and awards all piggy prizes on the screen that have not yet been discovered.
  • The bonus feature triggers the Smashing Pig bonus, which means smash the piggy bank. The Smashing Pig bonus can be triggered only once during the “Select Pig” bonus, regardless of the bonus wins awarded.

Smash the Pig Bonus

The next and final bonus in the game is the “Smash the Pig” option Each scatter symbol with the word bonus contains a random amount of luck. As the bonus symbols appear on the reels of the reels, the luck counter starts filling up, but only during one round. Subsequent spins start filling up the luck counter of the Smash the Pig game for free again.

When 3 or more scatter symbols with the word bonus appear on the screen, a special bonus game is triggered. The luck accumulated in the luck counter during the last spin is retained in the given game.

8 piggy banks will appear on the screen. Your task in the bonus game is to literally smash these piggy banks and collect money. The goal of the Smashing Pig bonus is to destroy as many pigs as possible before your luck runs out.

Each piggy bank hides a different amount and a multiplier from 1x to 20x (the multiplier of the total bet). If you manage to smash 5 pigs in the bonus game and there is still luck left on the counter, the remaining two pigs will escape and 7 new pigs will appear on the screen, as well as more luck on the counter.

It can also happen that there is a certain amount of luck in the counter, but not enough to smash the next pig. The remaining luck will be added as a multiplier of the total bet and awarded for the last pig smashed.

That would basically be it as far as the bonus features in the game are concerned, there aren't too many of them, but that makes them very clear and entertaining. Smashing piggy banks can be a very exciting activity. Smash the Pig in its simplicity reminds us a bit of slot games.

High stakes in the game

The game has a medium volatility and its return factor for the player can vary, it all depends on the casino you play at. The game's RTP ranges from 92.15% to 96.17%. The minimum bet is 20 coins and the maximum is 40000 coins. The value of a coin can vary depending on the currency you choose and the casino.

Let's take a closer look at the stakes offered by Smash the Pig game with the lowest possible bet of 20 coins.

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