CasinoMost valuable NFL franchises

Most valuable NFL franchises

It’s no surprise that some NFL franchises are more successful than others. Teams like the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Pittsburgh Steelers have long been among the most successful in the NFL. Surprisingly, however, none of those teams have had particularly impressive seasons this term. OddsChecker, which provides NFL odds and offers, has named the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs as the three top contenders. And looking at their form this term, it’s clear to see why. 

The Bills had an inconsistent start to the season, with the defeat against the Miami Dolphins a particularly disappointing blow. But superstar quarterback Josh Allen has led their recovery in recent weeks, and they currently sit at the top of the AFC East, their spot in the postseason playoffs all but confirmed. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs appear to be the Bills' biggest threat when it comes to the AFC Conference Championship. They lost to the Bills earlier in the season, but the Missouri-based outfit has reached at least the conference championship game in each of the last four seasons, and they should be there once again this the time around. 

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles look to be a shoo-in for the NFC title. They have been in scintillating form this year and have an outstanding record of 12 wins and just one defeat. They may be on course for a second Super Bowl appearance in the last five years. 

Those are the teams that are showing most success this season. But which are the most valuable? Let’s take a look.

Dallas Cowboys 

The Dallas Cowboys have recently been named the NFL’s most valuable team, with a net worth of around $7.6 billion. The Cowboys have experienced decent results on the field, but their real success has come from their owner, Jerry Jones, who has created an iconic brand that transcends football. The Cowboys are one of the most valuable sports franchise in the world and are worth more than the GDP of several countries.

New England Patriots 

The New England Patriots are one of the most valuable NFL franchise, with a net worth of over $5.8 billion. This is largely due to the success of their owner, Robert Kraft, who has led the team to seven Super Bowl wins and a string of successful seasons. The Patriots have been the most consistent team in the NFL, with a winning record in every season since 2001. Off the field, they are a financial powerhouse, raking in nearly $400 million in revenue each year. 

New York Giants 

The New York Giants have a net worth of over $5.7 billion. The Giants have been consistent winners over the past few decades, having earned four Super Bowl titles. They are also the most successful team in the NFC East and have a long history of results. Off the field, the Giants are one of the most profitable teams in the league, generating over $400 million in revenue each year. 

Washington Commanders 

The Washington Commanders are another of the most valuable teams in the NFL, with a net worth of around $4.7 billion. Despite the team’s recent struggles on the field, their owner, Dan Snyder, has done an excellent job of developing the brand and marketing it to a global audience. The Commanders have one of the highest levels of fan loyalty in the NFL and their merchandise sales have been skyrocketing over the past few years.

Houston Texans 

Finally, and most surprisingly, the Houston Texans are also a valuable team, with a net worth of around $2 billion. This is largely due to the success of their owner, Bob McNair, who has led the team to six division titles. The Texans also have a strong fanbase and consistently draw large crowds to their games. This term, however, the Houston-based side has had a dismal year. They currently sit rock bottom of the AFC South with just one win to their name, and the famous loyalty of their supporters has been tested to the limit. 

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