MarketingKeys to Creating a Timeless Product Flyer

Keys to Creating a Timeless Product Flyer

When asked about advertising and marketing, what immediately comes to your mind? Of course, people who belong to younger generations might immediately answer, “social media postings,” “digital publication,” and the likes. But what about printed collaterals? Are they really considered outdated in today’s modern world of marketing?

Despite various social media platforms and online tools, when done correctly and targeted towards the correct market, a product flyer is still considered a highly effective tool for marketing campaigns for businesses.

What Is a Product Flyer?


A product flyer is an affordable and printed paper advertisement intended to be handed out to people in public or through mail. They are effective tools to use when you want to raise awareness about your startup or, if you are an already established business, you want to fortify your brand name. Versatile, isn’t it?

Why Use Product Flyers?

Although sometimes considered old-fashioned and ineffective, the statistics prove otherwise. It goes to show that printed marketing tools still hold a place in the digital age. A few reasons why they are least likely to go obsolete anytime soon:

A Product Flyer Is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool.

While a good number of businesses opt to promote their brands online, like through email marketing, content marketing, social media buffer, Google ads, and many more, we cannot deny that those do not fall short of being expensive. Hence, the continued survival of product flyers in the digital world.

Producing product flyers and handing them out to the general public is significantly cheaper compared to investing in paid digital ads. To further cut expenses, you can always design your own product flyer template through softwares like Venngage.

A Product Flyer Caters to Specific Target Markets.

To complement the first point, a product flyer is not only affordable, but it is also an effective tool to target your business’s potential customers or clients. For example, you can consistently distribute your business flyer about your new coffee shop’s opening in nearby offices or universities or a flyer promoting the insurance policy you sell at a mall. Even politicians use this tool to promote themselves to their potential constituents.

How to Create Product Flyers.

For your business flyer to stand out, you have to have an attention-grabbing design and a compelling call to action. When designing one, take the following into account:

  1. Know Your Audience.

Before designing a product flyer, you have to first establish your target audience. This way, your content would include only the points you deem engaging for them. You should be able to speak directly to your target market through your brand’s business flyers and make them feel that you take their interests to heart.

  1. Come Up With a Catchy Headline.

Immediately say what your flyer is all about with a striking and compelling title. It should be catchy enough to capture readers’ attention. Because if it is nothing but boring, expect your flyers to be thrown into the next garbage bin they see.

  1. Keep Your Content Short But Sweet.

According to a recent study, the average attention span of a person went from 12 seconds down to eight. Therefore, to avoid burnout, your product flyer should be able to communicate its intended message in the briefest possible way. You can do that by focusing only on the essential points, such as the benefit/s that your product or service offers.

  1. Use Striking and Useful Graphics/Imagery.

The images, icons, or illustrations you use in your flyer should be relevant and appropriate as they are the supporting elements of your content. Striking colors and creative flyer design will help you better communicate your message to your target market. You may also highlight important points in bold to make them more noticeable.

  1. Embrace Your Branding.

Don’t forget to incorporate your startup’s logo in your product flyer. Add in the colors associated with your brandings, like the iconic red of Coca-Cola and the Spanish violet of Cadbury. (If your startup still has difficulties designing a logo, Venngage got you covered. Read:

  1. Leave a Compelling Call-To-Action.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to whether or not your product flyer was able to prompt the audience to act upon your call to action. This part should be adequately emphasized because this is the main reason why you chose to create a flyer in the first place. You may choose to include your company’s contact details in this part, too.


Suppose you need help with your product flyer example and design. In that case, you may sign up for a free Venngage account to pick the perfect flyer template for your business. Venngage has 500+ fully customizable templates that you can enhance and personalize with your choice of fonts, images, icons, and colors.

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