EntertainmentJanine Tate – Everything You Need to Know About Andrew Tate’s Sister

Janine Tate – Everything You Need to Know About Andrew Tate’s Sister

Coming from a millionaire family, Janine Tate grabbed media attention because of his celebrity brother, Andrew. If you have an interest in kickboxing or media, you are probably familiar with Andrew Tate. Janine is quite popular as a lawyer. However, a lot of people want to know more about her. 

If you are one of them, there are some interesting facts you can explore about her. After doing research, we found some exciting facts about Janine. From education to net worth, we will share all the details in this article. Keep reading to learn more about this famous personality.

Who is Janine Tate?

If you are curious about Andrew and Tristan Tate’s family, you might heard about Janine, the sister who got limited attention. Yes, she got media attention because of her family, even though she doesn’t prefer being in the limelight. That’s why it’s quite challenging to know more about her.

According to some reliable sources, Janine was born between 1990-1991 in the US. However, we don’t have the exact data since she’s not a media personality. As we noted before, she came from a famous family. Yes, her father was a reputed chess player named Emory Andrew Tate Jr. And her mother Eileen Tate is a housewife. 

As her brother Andrew is very famous, a lot of people search for his other siblings.  Jannie is the only daughter of her parents. Her father was an African American while her mother is British. After her parents got separated, she moved to Kentucky with her mother.

However, it’s not easy to find information about Janine as she keeps everything low profile despite her family’s fame. Another resource says that she is a lawyer and is currently focused on her professional and personal life. That’s why you can’t even find her various social media platforms. 

Education & Qualification 

Besides the basic information, many people want to know about Janine’s education and qualifications. It’s quite challenging to know about her education. Still, we found some exciting facts while searching.

As per some reliable resources, Janine completed her schooling at a private school. As she moved to the UK after her parents’ separation, she started attending a private school where she completed her schooling as well. Later, she attended a reputed university and completed her Law degree.  

That helped her get the best law firm to start her career. However, we don’t have exact information about when or where she completed her schooling or graduation. In fact, we don’t have any idea where she’s working right now. Still, it’s enough to know about Janine’s background as she’s not that popular like her brothers.

Career & Profession

As most people are curious about Andrew and Tristan’s sister, there’s not much information regarding her career and profession. The good thing is it was her brother Andrew who revealed her profession in different interviews. 

According to Andrew Tate, his sister is a lawyer. She started her career as a law practitioner in Kentucky after completing graduation. Later, she became a lawyer after joining a firm in the UK. However, there’s no clear information about the law firm or her position. Andrew also said he doesn’t have a good relationship with her. 

However, Tristan never said anything about Janine or her professional and personal life. He neither praised nor shared anything about her and her career. He also disclosed that she properly talked to him even though they didn’t get along before.

In this case, we only have limited information regarding Janine’s career. Plus, she never shared anything about her profession and income sources on social media platforms.

Interesting Facts About Janine Tate

Now, you have an idea about who is Janine Tate and how she became famous. If you want to explore more about this woman, there are some amazing facts you can unfold. We found some outstanding facts about Tate while searching for her back story and they will amaze you as well. In the following section, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Janine:

  • Even though she comes from a famous family, she never appeared in media talks and interviews. 
  • Tate’s father was quite popular as well. Unfortunately, he died in 2015. She moved with her mother when her parents ended their relationship.
  • At this moment, she is living in Kentucky. However, she doesn’t get along with her brothers, Andrew and Tristan. Janine is the third child of her parents.
  • Both of her brothers are quite popular in the US. Hence, she got the media limelight because of her family.
  • Tristan is quite famous on social media platforms having millions of followers. Plus, he also has a huge collection of luxury cars.
  • Janine Tate got married to a well-known bodybuilder named Norman Webb.

Janine Tate’s Personal Life

As you see, Janine Tate is the younger sister of Andrew Tate, popularly known as ‘Cobra’. Even though Andrew and his brother Tristan are inseparable, they really don’t talk with their sister because of various issues. 

That’s the reason why most people barely know that they have a sister. However, we know some personal information about her, thanks to various resources and social media. According to her brothers, she is working as a lawyer in the UK. After finishing her degree, Janine started practicing in 2017. 

Janine is married to Norman Webb, a reputed bodybuilder, and nutritionist who studied physical theraphy at the University of Kentucky. They are living in Lexington, Kentucky. However, there’s no info regarding when they got married.

The Relationship Between Janine Tate & Andrew Tate

Once Emory Andrew Tate Jr. and Eileen Tate got separated, Eileen moved to the UK with her three kids. However, Andrew and Tristan moved back to the US to build their career. It’s not clear how was the relationship between these siblings during that time.

However, as per Andrew’s statement, they don’t have a good relationship with their little sister Janine. He admitted that he and his brother don’t talk to Janine much. It’s because of her feminist ideology. 

Plus, she also went against Donald Trump, the former US president calling him racist. In fact, Andrew also addressed her having a low IQ. However, Tristan, her other brother never talked about her in public. 

Janine Tate Net Worth & Income Sources

When we talk about someone famous, the talk of net worth comes naturally. The same thing goes with Janine too. As she’s from a reputed family, many people are curious about her professional life. You can find various resources claiming her estimated net worth. In reality, it’s quite hard to say her exact net worth as she stays away from the media. 

In fact, she’d never given interviews as well. According to most sources, Janine is a lawyer. As she’s living in the UK, she is earning a good amount from her profession. However, there’s no information on her law firm or position. On the other hand, Tate doesn’t have multiple sources of income.

As she isn’t that active on social media, we can’t say if she earns as an influencer. According to multiple resources, her brother Andrew has a net worth of around $700 million while Tristan’s estimated net worth is $350 million.


In simple words, we can say that Janine became popular because of her family, especially her brother Andrew. However, only a few people have an idea about her life. If you have been looking for her back story and her relationship with other family members, we have covered everything in this article.

If you want to discover more, there are different resources available on the internet. However, don’t fall for incorrect information. On the other hand, you can also check if she or her other family members are available on social media.


Q: Does Janine Tate have a good relationship with Andrew?

No, Janine doesn’t have a good relationship with her both brothers Andrew and Tristan. According to Andrew, they don’t talk to her much because she attends feminist rallies. 

Q: What is the net worth of Janine Tate?

According to some websites, Janine’s net worth is around $300,000. However, we have no idea if the information is accurate as she stays away from the limelight. In fact, we were unable to find information about her law firm.

Q: What is Janine Tate’s profession?

As per some sources, Janine Tate is a lawyer. She is currently living in the UK and working as a professional lawyer. 

Q: Why did Andrew Tate stop talking to his sister?

Andrew Tate revealed in an interview that he doesn’t talk to his sister Janime that much. It happened as they didn’t get along. Andrew also said he avoids her cause she attends feminist rallies and has a low IQ.

Q: Who is Janine Tate’s husband?

Janine Tate is married to Norman Webb, a reputed fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder. They are currently living in the UK. However, it’s not clear when they got married.

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