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Is Your AC Showing Signs of Age? Warning Signs It May Be Time for AC Replacement in Glendale, AZ

Glendale summers are brutal, so having a working AC is critical. But should you consider AC repair in Glendale, AZ instead? You may be tempted to put off any major purchase until the hot weather returns, but replacing your AC in the winter actually makes a lot of sense. For one, demand is lower in the winter so you’ll likely get better deals and faster service from contractors. You’ll also have more time to research your options and find an energy-efficient model suited perfectly for your home. Come next summer, you’ll be relaxing in the cool comfort of your new AC, happy you took care of this important upgrade during the off-season. So if your AC is on the fritz or over 10 years old, winter may be the best time to replace it and ensure you stay comfortable when the temperatures start rising again. 

The Benefits of Off-Season AC Installation in Glendale, AZ

Is your AC wheezing and sputtering? Having trouble keeping your home cool during the Glendale summer? If your AC unit is showing its age, it may be time for AC replacement. Here are some warning signs it’s time for a new AC:

•It’s over 10 years old. The average AC lasts 10-15 years. If your unit is pushing past that, its efficiency and performance are declining, costing you more in energy bills and repairs.  

•It’s not keeping you comfortable. If your AC struggles to keep your home at the right temperature or runs constantly, it’s time for an upgrade to a properly sized, high-efficiency unit.  

•Repair costs are adding up. Once repair costs start exceeding $500-$1000 per year, the cost benefits of a new AC start to add up. A new unit will save you money in the long run.

•It’s noisy or leaking. Loud, strange noises or leaks/drips coming from your AC signal big problems and mean it’s not long for this world.  

•Energy bills seem high. If your summer energy bills seem disproportionately huge compared to the size of your home, your AC likely isn’t running efficiently anymore. A new unit can cut your bills by 30% or more.

•Tax incentives are available. Federal tax credits for high-efficiency AC units can save you hundreds. Take advantage of available offers before they expire.  

If any of these signs ring true, don’t suffer through another scorching Glendale summer. Schedule an AC replacement consultation and enjoy reliable temperature control, lower bills, and tax savings. Your cool comfort awaits!

Questions to Ask AC Installers Before Scheduling Winter AC Replacement in Glendale, AZ

If you’re in the market for a new AC unit, the off-season in Glendale is actually the perfect time to replace your current system. Here are a few reasons why winter AC installation makes sense:  

Lower Costs

AC companies offer their best deals and incentives during the slower months from December to February. You’ll often find 10-30% discounts on new AC units, not to mention additional promos like free installation, extended warranties or complementary tune-ups. The savings can really add up, especially on a major purchase like this.  

Less Demand 

AC technicians and installers have more availability during winter, so you won’t face the long wait times and delays that you would during the busy summer season. Replacement jobs can often be scheduled within a week or two of your call. The actual installation will also likely take less time since the technicians won’t be as rushed.  

Minimal Disruption

Since you won’t be relying on your AC unit as heavily during the cooler months, having it replaced won’t disrupt your daily routine or comfort as much. The installation process may require turning off your AC for parts of a day, but you can more easily live without it in January versus July.  

Ready for Summer

By replacing your AC in the winter, your new, energy-efficient unit will be up and running in plenty of time for the hot summer months ahead. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your AC is in top shape and ready to keep your home cool all season long when you need it most.

Talk to your local AC company about the benefits of off-season replacement. An investment in a new AC system this winter could end up saving you money and hassle for many summers to come.

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