HowToHow to See Someone's Activity on Instagram

How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram

Instagram’s abandonment of the “Subscriptions” option deprived users of the social network of the ability to control someone’s instagram activity. Despite the section’s disappearance, obtaining the desired information is possible. To do this, you need to turn to special programs that analyze accounts. If you want to know how to see someone’s activity on Instagram, this article will give you a detailed answer.

Instagram’s Following Activity Tab is Gone

Thanks to the “Subscriptions” tab, Instagram users can see someone’s Instagram activity on social networks. The section included information about who the account owner had subscribed to and which posts they had “liked” and commented on.

According to Vishal Shah, director of platform products. Shah addresses two reasons for removing Subscriptions:

  • unclaimed: many account holders didn’t even know such a section existed;
  • Invasion of privacy: the feature left Instagram users no chance for privacy. Every step on the platform was transparent.

The history of “Subscriptions” begins in 2011. The creators of the app envisioned it during the formative stage of Instagram. In those years, the section served an important role – it made it easier for users to find new and exciting content. It was enough to look at “Subscriptions” to discover profiles worth looking at.

As Instagram’s algorithms have evolved, the need for this function has been exhausted. In 2020, you don’t need to study your friends’ activities to broaden your horizons. The platform tracks posts that are interesting to the account owner and builds a news feed based on those preferences.

The abandonment of the Subscriptions section has significantly impacted the development of commercial profiles. Business accounts use this option to control the actions of competitors and increase their target audience. Subscriptions provided access to valuable information to the company, such as:

  • competitor firm profiles;
  • vendor contact information;
  • customer contact information.

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Ways to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram

Want to see someone’s recent activity on Instagram and secretly check your stories and photos? Luckily, you’ve come to the right web page. Here, we’ve shared some helpful tips and tricks to help you go one-on-one with your Instagram stalkers. These tricks include using the Instagram app itself and some third-party apps. Let’s start now without further ado.

The ‘Following’ Tab

For example, one such tool is the Following tab on Instagram. You can use it to find out which posts the user has recently liked and which pages the user has subscribed to.

But, starting today, Instagram decided to abandon this tab and began to deactivate it in the application. According to one of the Instagram managers Vishal Shah, this feature is rarely used and “catches people by surprise” because they are surprised when they find out that information about someone’s Instagram activity is available to others.

Check Recent Posts

An additional Check Recent Posts option is available for the browser version of Instagram, but since this is primarily a mobile app, this option is available for iOS and Android.

  • In order to use this feature, you should go to the home screen, where you view your main feed.
  • Next, click on the Instagram logo in the upper left corner, and you will open a drop-down menu with the “Following” and “Favorites” tabs.
  • In this drop-down menu, click on the “Following” icon. This menu will display only the posts from your accounts and helps monitor Instagram activity, structured in chronological order. It won’t display anything based on your past activity, and it will be empty of ads that annoy most users.

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How to See When Someone is Online on Instagram

The beloved application has long ceased to be just a service for publishing and viewing photos and has turned into a real messenger. A prime example of this is Direct (personal messaging), which has replaced other messaging applications for many users. In this regard, the developers have added Direct’s feature in WhatsApp, etc. Now in this section, you can see when your interlocutors were last online. To do this:

Open your Instagram feed, click on the airplane icon in the upper right corner, or swipe from the right edge to the left. It will open the messenger Direct, showing the last time you were online on Instagram under the user’s username. If you want to see someone’s activity log on instagram, you should turn to using extraneous apps.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

In the Instagram app, you can’t find out who the person you’re interested in has recently subscribed. You can go to the person’s page and see lists of subscriptions and followers, but you won’t know when they’ve subscribed to someone. This is because the list is not shown by subscription date.

Instagram doesn’t let you see when someone starts following someone’s account. That is, you can’t check when exactly they started following a certain account. This is due to Instagram’s security policy, that is, to ensure the privacy and protection of the user’s data. Not only will you not be able to find out when the person is following you, but you will also not know when you have followed someone else’s account. Your list of subscribers is not sorted by date or anything else. You can only sort the list from earliest to latest. The only way to see someone’s activity on Instagram dms is to use a third-party app.

Track all Instagram activity with the IG tracker app

Using the Instagram activity tracker, you can see someone’s Instagram activity and will find a lot of useful information using a detailed dashboard. In addition to the total number of followers, you will also see how much your numbers have increased or decreased over the past few weeks or months. The graph at the top of the screen shows statistics for the last seven posts.

These apps are also great for mass subscriptions and account management. It allows you to:

  • Mass Follow.
  • Mass unsubscribe.
  • Follow the people the user is following
  • Like multiple messages.

You can set the number of actions the app performs at a given time and the interval between actions, giving you great control over the process.

You can find specific activity on Instagram and perform bulk actions for any list, such as unsubscribing from multiple accounts. The app allows you to allow any user you don’t want to unsubscribe. If you use the allowlisting feature for multiple accounts, keep in mind that it lists subscribers for all accounts. CellPhone Tracker has prepared a list of the Best Instagram activity tracker apps for you.


It is necessary to monitor the Instagram activity of other people’s profiles for personal and business purposes. Analyzing their content is an important step in promotion, but first and foremost, it is important to analyze your account constantly. The audit will help you adjust your promotion strategy in time, find growth points, and correct deficiencies based on objective statistical figures. To accurately track someone’s Instagram activity, you should use third-party services.

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