HowToHow to Make Travel Videos for YouTube and Grow Your Channel

How to Make Travel Videos for YouTube and Grow Your Channel

There are countless ways to make travel videos and grow your YouTube channel. From uploading a few times a week to shooting different angles, here are several ways that will help give your travel vlogs an entertaining spin and attract more viewers to your videos and promote your youtube channel. This means more subscribers and, ultimately, more success as a YouTuber.

1) Make Videos More Frequently.

Most people want something they can sink their teeth into and watch often. Make videos more frequently, so you don’t lose the interest of your viewers; it’s hard to keep up with a YouTuber who posts once every month or two, compared to someone uploading three videos a week. Posting on a schedule will help keep your audience engaged and watching. Also, if you have the means to travel often, then do that. It’ll allow you to upload more quality content throughout the year.

2) Showcase Your Personality and Unique Point of View through Thumbnails and Titles.

Two critical factors for gaining subscribers are your thumbnail and title: make sure they stand out and catch people’s attention. In addition, you want your videos to be easily recognizable and recognizable as you, as a creator.

3) Shoot Different Angles and Explore New Locations.

You can’t always stay in the same place your audience expects change, especially if they follow you on social media or watch consistently. So try different locations and explore new spots to see different perspectives of the exact locations that others may not have covered yet.

4) Show Off Your Editing Skills.

Make sure to demonstrate your editing skills, even if it means taking out “useless shots” or using slow-motion effects for transitions. Even though it might cost you more time, editing well will always help you stand out from other bloggers who don’t edit as much.

5) Create Behind Scenes Videos and Show Your Viewers How Fun Your Travels Are.

Travel is fun and takes lots of hard work to get to your final destination, so show that side. Make behind-the-scenes videos where you talk about places you stopped at or what kind of food you ate. You can showcase some funny moments on camera that may not have made it into the final cut. These videos are also great if you have a channel trailer video because it gives viewers an inside look at what they will see in future content.

6) Collaborate with Other Creators/Vloggers/Channels for Extra Exposure.

Collaborating is one of the best ways to reach out to more people while gaining more exposure. You can do this by making a collaborative video with one or two other people, doing amazon reviews (where you don’t buy the product), or featuring them on your channel, asking for questions to interview them about travel tips.

7) Utilize Social Media.

Social media is great to use as an informative tool and build anticipation for future videos. For example, suppose you share certain images on Instagram exclusive to specific followers only. In that case, it may entice people to subscribe so they can see more behind-the-scenes content on your channel or watch your videos first before anyone else does.

8) Use Different Apps and Platforms aside from YouTube.

If you have a sizable following on social media platforms, you have the luxury of doing Facebook Lives, Instagram stories, or Periscopes. These are great to use if something big happens on your trip that you want to share instantly with your audience. Also, make sure to take screenshots of more visuals for your viewers.

9) Stay Active with Comments and Engage With Your Audience.

Don’t forget to interact with your audience by replying to posts, liking their positions, and following them back on social media. This is a great way to connect and maintain more meaningful relationships with people who enjoy watching your content.

10) Chat About Current Events When Appropriate or Relevant.

You don’t have to make travel videos 24/7; in fact, it would be pretty dull if you just kept talking about travel all the time. So instead of exciting, talk about things that may not have much to do with traveling, such as breaking news or what’s going on in your country. This way, viewers will see how broad of a creator you are, and they won’t be so quick to unsubscribe any time soon.

11) Interact More With Your Viewers (Let Them Do Some Talking).

Encourage your audience to leave comments by asking questions like: “If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?” It doesn’t have to always be specific about places; it could also ask their thoughts on something else interesting like: “What’s the best book you’ve read in the last three months?”

12) Don’t Worry About Getting Banned from YouTube.

Don’t worry about getting banned from YouTube because it will happen with most YouTubers after a while. Everyone makes mistakes, and a viewer may have reported you in the past, but only if your video is borderline against YouTube’s community guidelines or whatever they call it. Of course, you can always appeal to have your ban lifted, so do that, then continue making videos.

13) Collaborate With Brands for Sponsored Videos on Your Channel.

Collaborating with brands is something many bloggers do these days because it’s another way to earn additional revenue when there are fewer ads on your channel, can help you travel for free, or can help you gain access to different places and products for reviews, etc.

14) Don’t Forget about B-Roll Footage.

B-roll is all the clips that don’t add anything directly to the story, such as random shots of your surroundings while traveling or just talking about something interesting that happened during your travels. This type of footage is typically used in documentaries, but it should still be included if possible. It’s good to use these types of videos when you are doing a video diary with Instagram stories since they typically last 2-15 seconds long.

15) Proofread Your Videos Before You Upload Them.

Even though this may seem small, it’s essential. For example, suppose instead is an unintentional error in your script, or your vision lies about what happened in the video because of simultaneous events. In that case, it’ll look not good in viewers’ eyes. Remember, you want to make a great impression! So after you record your video, read over it for any spelling or grammar mistakes, then re-watch it before uploading it. You can even ask someone who speaks the same language as you to proofread the script if English is not your native tongue.


Make travel videos and try to promote YouTube videos with the primary goal of helping people learn about places they may not know much about. Also, don’t forget to encourage commenting on your videos through questions or other exciting Ways to engage viewers in conversing with you more.

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