HowToHow To Increase Engagement On Twitter

How To Increase Engagement On Twitter

Twitter is an essential marketing tool for brands and businesses. It can not be denied that the  platform is quite useful for reaching a wider range of audiences. There are many uses of the social media app when it comes to marketing products and interacting with customers. After the recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, a lot of new features have been introduced to the app.

Research by ExpressVPN reveals that The platform currently stands at 1,800 employees, less than it had in 2012 after Elon Musk laid off many former employees. Changes have also been made to the Twitter verification system. Currently, Twitter users can get verified by subscribing to a paid monthly service called Twitter Blue. The feature might not be very useful for normal users, but it can benefit brands and businesses.

Latest Features On Twitter

After the takeover of Twitter, some major changes have been made to the app. For example, a paid version of Twitter Blue has been introduced, which can help some accounts stand out more. The new feature allows brands and personal account holders to get verified along with other customizable features. With the new features and changes made to the platform, it is important to learn how to use them to expand your reach efficiently.

How To Expand Your Reach On Twitter

Brands need to learn how to expand their reach to amass a larger number of customers with the help of social media platforms like Twitter. There are many marketing strategies brands can use to reach their target audience. Here are some tips brands can follow to increase their reach on Twitter.

  • It is important to post tweets regularly for brands to keep their account active. Additionally, providing better posts with visual content is also beneficial for brands. Such posts will help users understand the products and brand values easily.
  • Brands can use hashtags to target their required audiences. Additionally, these hashtags can be useful to brands by following the ongoing trends on Twitter. If brands use trending hashtags, they can expand the reach of their post easily. That is why it is important for brands to follow viral trends.
  • Brands must interact with their customers regularly. If a brand has a Twitter account, its customers can mention them in their tweets to address any issues that they might have. Brands should try to respond to these mentions to maintain healthy interactions with their customers regularly. This help in culminating trust within the customer base.
  • Many influencers are heavily active on Twitter, and businesses can ask for collaboration from these influencers to boost their reach. Additionally, brands can also follow popular influencers that create content relevant to the services or products they offer.


Creating a social media marketing strategy can help brands reach a wider audience. It can also be useful for brands when they launch new products. Twitter allows brands to create ad campaigns as well as interact with their customers more freely. These methods are beneficial for brands and allow the customers to provide feedback for brands so that their issues can be addressed.

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