BusinessHow Often Do Commercial Shutters Need Servicing?

How Often Do Commercial Shutters Need Servicing?

Like other fixtures on a property, commercial shutters deteriorate and malfunction over time. Servicing is one way of slowing down that journey. Commercial shutters secure buildings, reducing the possibility of burglary and the impact of harsh weather. The occupants of such premises have privacy, and during chilly times, the shutters’ insulating effect helps cut down heating costs.

Seeing the shutters’ daily role in real estate property, owners may wonder, “How often should I get my commercial roller shutters serviced?” There are other issues concerning servicing, for instance, the parts that need servicing, the nature of the servicing tasks, and if there are inspectors who monitor the frequency of servicing.

Signs that Commercial Shutters Need Servicing

Holding off servicing will only cost money and waste time, gradually damaging the door till things get out of hand. Fortunately, shutters can last a lifetime if well maintained. If the shutters start making strange noises and they appear to sag, it is time to call in an expert. Be alert when the shutters shake, and if there are problems when operating them.

Another problem arises from overheating of the door due to frequent use. If the shutters use electricity, the motor could fail and disable the door. Look out for dents on the door. Also, a damaged emergency release chain may fail to respond when pulled.

What Damages Commercial Roller Shutters

Sometimes the damage to a roller shutter happens because of mishandling out of ignorance or carelessness. The door can get stuck and have difficulty moving. Forcing it to open or close in such instances could damage it. Such force could break other parts of the shutter not directly affected by the malfunction.

Another reason a shutter fails to work well is when dirt is allowed to accumulate in the guide rail, which causes the door to jam. The jamming and screeching sounds also arise from the lack of lubrication of the spring sections and the rails. The subsequent forcing of the door causes further damage.

The third problem arises from the lack of proper balancing of the shutters. This alignment problem leads to the shutter door not closing or opening properly. Such a problem brings risks such as exposure to harsh weather, insecurity, and lack of privacy for the occupants and the premises.

When to Service Commercial Shutters

Although some problems do not need consulting an expert to resolve them, it is good to note that authorities dictate the frequency of servicing. They have a schedule by which they conduct periodical monitoring through inspections and issue a document to confirm compliance.

Therefore, regardless of the condition of the shutter, the inspectors conduct mandatory annual checks for safety and health as required by OHS and BCA standards. Inspections can identify some problems before they escalate.

Back to the servicing schedule, balance the roller shutter doors monthly, and lubricate the moving parts, such as the guide rails, every three months. The shutters need weekly cleaning to remove debris and dirt to keep the door clean and avoid jamming when the dirt obstructs the rollers.

Common Maintenance and Servicing Practices

Some tasks that you or an expert can undertake in keeping the roller shutters in good condition include:

  • Cleaning them using soap, water, and a brush to remove dirt and debris
  • Lubricating the guide rails, joints, and springs
  • Aligning the doors through balancing
  • Replacing faulty motors
  • Allowing the periodical motor rests for cooling down when it overheats
  • Hiring personnel to repair dents and broken parts, such as the emergency release chain
  • Calling in experts to conduct inspection, maintenance, and replacement of the door or its parts, especially if the door runs on electricity


A decision to install commercial shutters secures the occupants and assets. The shutters are durable, easy to use and maintain. With careful handling and frequent servicing, they can serve for many years.

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