KitchenHow much does a coffee roasting machine cost?

How much does a coffee roasting machine cost?

Let’s say you want to begin your adventure with coffee roasting, but you lack experience in the field of commercial roasting machines. If you want to buy a good coffee roaster, you should not only get familiar with its specifications, but also with the price ranges. The price of a coffee roasting machine can be higher or lower, but everything depends on the type of the coffee roaster, and on the amount of options it offers. Are you curious what the price of a roasting machine is? Read this article till the end.

Coffee roasting machine – price

It is very important to buy a high quality coffee roasting machine. Prices vary from several thousands to dozens of thousands euros. If you are not sure which type would be the best choice for your business, what comes next, and how much money you need to spend, you can use the tips below.

First and foremost, you need to answer a question: how much coffee do you want to roast weekly? If the amount of roasted coffee fall within the ambit of 80-150 kg, you can find coffee roasters in affordable and attractive prices – from 2500 euros to 8000 euros. According to professional stores with commercial equipment for coffee shops, you can find both traditional coffee roasting machines that require some sort of fuel to function, or more modern options – electrical roasting machines. On the other hand, if you are going to roast more than 150 kg of coffee, you need to prepare your budget for a higher expense.

There are fantastic coffee roasters for everyone who wants to sell coffee in bulk. The most important aspect is to always check the hourly output. It defines how many kilograms of coffee beans you can roast per hour. The higher the hourly output, the higher the price. In this case, you can expect the price between 22000 euros and 34000 euros or more. If you want to save as much money as possible, it might be better for you to buy a fuel-powered coffee roasting machine because it is simply easier and cheaper to maintain such a large machine. Electrical coffee roasters pay off for small amounts of roasted coffee.

Roasting machine – coffee, price, and the results

Sometimes you have to pay more, if the coffee roasting machine offers advanced functions. Technology has its own value and customers must keep that in mind while buying any kind of electronics. Even coffee roasters with a lower hourly output can have a high price, only because they are loaded with tons of smart technology. But there is always a compromise that you can achieve. Today’s market is rich in various products that meet the expectations of the most particular customers. If you want to have a cookie and eat a cookie, you can invest, e.g. in the electrical coffee roaster Stronghold S7 Pro.

Even though this is an electrical coffee roasting machine, you can still roast a solid amount of coffee beans per day. The hourly output is 3,4 kg. The price of such a coffee roasting machine hovers around 15500 euros. Everything depends on the retailer. This roasting machine was designed in a different way than most of the roasters because the construction is vertical. This feature makes it possible to take advantage of all heat sources. Besides, you have full control on the roasting process. That means that you can change the settings any time you need. You can even save your favorite roast profiles.

A good coffee roasting machine allows you to roast your coffee beans differently. You can make a blonde roast, medium or dark roast to please your customers with a huge variety of your products. Producing coffee is a challenge that requires not only great knowledge, but also good coffee roasting equipment. The final price of a coffee roasting machine depends mostly on the retailer, brand, and the numerous function the machine offers. Nobody wants to lose their money, so if you are looking for the best offers, you can visit this website: There, you will find the best coffee roasting machines.

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