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How Can I Add Voice to My Video? You Can Voice Video With Online Editor In Just A Few Clicks

It is always a good thing to provide a sound output. To leave a long-lasting impression, having good quality voice audio along with a high-definition video will surely make your viewers more interested in the kind of craft you offer. Video content in today’s time is one good strategy to engage customers and have avid viewers from all over the world. 

Video content grabs attention for its dynamic elements, movement, and noises. It has the potential to trigger emotional drives and helps in giving information about what you can offer. Therefore, communication between you and your prospective customer will be easy. The question is, ‘How can I add voice to my video with’.

Wave. video is a marketing platform that offers an online video editor, video-hosting services, and instant video landing page builder in one single platform. This is a platform that helps those content creators and even companies to do visual presentations of their goods and services. 

Voice-over video is a strategy to engage people through various products thus editing such videos will be easy with voice over video.

How To Voice Over A Video

There are two ways to voice over a video on Open the video editor and click the microphone icon on the left corner at the bottom of the screen. You can either record the audio or upload a pre-recorded audio file. This way, the voice-over video will be done in just a few clicks. 

Audio Files That Can Be Uploaded to Wave.Video

As a video editor, it is ideal to know what are the audio file types that can be uploaded or used in the editor we are using. Luckily, Wave.Video supports the following audio files – mp3, m4a, aiff, wav, ogg, and aac. Whichever of these types can be uploaded on the online editor. 

Audio Editing Options In Wave.Video

Wave.Video online editors offer you various editing options that can be of great help during the process. One can adjust the length by trimming the files or cutting them into pieces to have the video’s fitting voice-over. 

Also, you can change its volume and apply other effects available in the system. Either way, one can surely have a quality voice-over video. 

Voice Over – Things You Need To Know

A voice-over is a certain technique where a voice is recorded in a certain media and lay it over on a recorded video. Usually, it is on commercial videos, television, radio stations, and movies. It can also be considered as a telephone solution to provide informational solutions to people who need extra knowledge on a product or service. Voice-overs are often called VOs or just voice-overs to some editors.

Statistically, around 75% of various customers show interest in goods and services after they saw video content online or on other visual platforms. Brand videos and advertisements bring opportunities for customers to know more about the product. Hence, voice-over videos influence the audience about the information and know-how in which the good or service is duly appreciated. Here’s a little overview of voice-over and its Importance: Everything You Need To Know:


One can get ahead with other competitors just by providing an authentic tone and quality video for customers to see. The emphasis of the words as stated in the voice-overs can bring a great influence on the overall quality of the video. Thus, it influences the connection between the service and the customer bringing evidence to the number of calls a company receives during the day. 

A professional voice-over artist can make the customers experience varying emotions, influencing their emotions, and leading them to close the deal. Moreover, the level of interest that VOs makes is highly evident in the number of service deals a company can have within a day. 


Marketing and other commercial videos sometimes need only a professional voice-over artist to add more credibility value to the company, products offered, and services available. Hiring good voice-over artists is a major plus to the company’s value. Thus, it is a great help in influencing the emotions of various customers watching voice-over video advertisements. 

Partner with a company that provides quality VOs and that is all you need to have a commercial video for the world to see and hear. Certainly, a company that values voice-over strategy can see changes in its customer’s interests and in the number of deals it can receive in a day.

Marketing On Various Platforms

The major need for professional voice-over artists has been evident in today’s time for it is an in-need profession for commercials and other counterparts. About 80% of videos on all platforms have advertisements before, during, and after the videos making VOs an in-need job of today’s generation.

Basically, a person who likes watching videos and other content online can be one customer that will make a deal with the company just by watching a short VOs video. In short, the marketing value and options that these voice-over videos offer can be a great help to boost sales and have loyal customers in the long run. 

The Bottomline

Voice-overs fill the needs of a company to be involved culturally and in the language sector. The Importance of Voice Over in Translation and Localization helps the company to be more involved on certain platforms that can help in influencing customers. Now, one can make a quality voice-over and have it posted online or on other platforms to disseminate information all over the world. This way, marketing, and other product services will just be a click away. 

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