TechFlixPal Peacock Downloader | Download Killing It

FlixPal Peacock Downloader | Download Killing It

Peacock TV is one of the renowned OTT video streaming services that you can watch content on. NBC Universal owns and operates it. You can enjoy some great NBC Universal studios content and third-party content as well. TV series, films, sports, and news are now available at the click of a button. You can watch free content with the ad-supported version. Moreover, if you want to watch the content without ads in between, you should get the flixpal peacock downloader

You will be amazed to know about the popularity of Peacock TV. It has recently received more than 13 million paid subscriber’s support. The OTT platform offers three tiers of services – free, premium, and premium plus. If you want to watch ad-free content with the free tier, then you should consider peacock download episodes. It makes things easy for all to watch ad-free content. Watch the latest TV series, Killing It, on the platform. It is a story about status and capitalism, in the true sense of the word. 

Watching Peacock On FlixPal

Peacock is an instant hit among OTT lovers today. And why not? You can watch the best movies, TV shows, NBC hits, and Live News 24×7. The free plan offers you wholesome entertainment. However, if you are looking for something extra, you have to get premium plans. In 2020, Peacock added content download option in their $10 per month plan. So, that should be good news for all who have problems accessing the internet on the move. However, you may not be able to download all the shows aired on Peacock. Peacock download episodes are fun to watch. However, there are limitations. 

However, you should also know another fact, that the downloads on the Premium Plus tier come with an expiry date. Moreover, once you hit play after downloading, you have to watch the video within 48 hours. Now, the flixpal peacock downloader is here to lessen your woes. FlixPal is one of the most modern video downloader tools which you can use today. It is designed for Windows. Now, you can capture any movie, TV show or episode and download it to watch later. The downloader deletes the ads from the content, and that is the reason why people love it. FlixPal is one of the best third-party downloaders today, as it supports various OTT platforms. You will also learn how to download on peacock soon. 

How To Watch Peacock On FlixPal?

You can download all the Peacock content using the flixpal peacock downloader, and watch them later on. The best TV series, like Killing It, is also here. Read the steps below to download the content and watch it. 

Step 1 – You have to download flixpal peacock downloader through the browser.

Step 2 – Choose ‘Peacock’ from ‘VIP services.’

Step 3 – You have to search for the video which you want to download in the in-built browser. 

Step 4 – Once you locate it, you have to click on it to choose it, and then hit ‘Download Now’. 

Now, you can download all your favourite content, that too ad-free with the flixpal peacock downloader. 

Features Of Peacock

The NBC streaming platform is doing great today. Additionally, the TV costs are amongst the lowest in the market. The Premium and Premium Plus tiers costs approximately in the range of $5 -$10. If you are a sports aficionado, you will love Peacock. It also airs Premier Soccer League matches. To be exact, the Premium plan costs $4.99. Whereas the best plan, Premium Plus costs $9.99. 

You can also watch content of approximately 7,500 hours on Peacock TV. Apart from the NBC programs, it also airs the best virtual channels. You can also access Spanish language entertainment, from Telemundo. The best part about the Premium Plus plan, is that it is ad-free. You will be amazed to know, that there are ways to get more discounts on subscriptions. 

You can watch some premium of the premium channel content like The Office Zen, Premier League TV, and SNL Vault with the help of Peacock TV. 

You can also watch some Peacock originals. Brave New World is one o them. You can also browse the Peacock Premium library today for shows like:

  • The Office 
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Keeping Up with The Kardashians 
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Battlestar Galactica

You will be amazed to go through the wide selection of Peacock Movies. They are:

  • Despicable Me and Bridesmaids
  • Fast & Furious 6 

You can catch up on Peacock Originals content, Killing It. It is an American comedy series that stars Craig Robinson. He plays a cash-strapped business aficionado who teams up with an Uber driver for a snake-hunting contest. 

Cost Of Peacock

  • You can enjoy some of the content on the Free Tier with limitations of course. 
  • The Premium plan costs $4.99. Whereas the best plan, Premium Plus costs $9.99. These are monthly packages.
  • One year of Peacock Premium costs $49.99, while the Plus version comes at $99.99. 

The 7-day trial is not available any longer. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time and go back to the free tier. 

Flixpal Peacock Downloader Features Decoded 

You can get the peacock download episodes at the lowest rates in the market today. FlixPal is a multi-faceted downloader that brings big gains for you. Read about the various features here. Apart from knowing how to download on peacock, you should know about its features. 

  • Now, you can save all the Peacock TV content in high resolution. The maximum quality is 1080p. 
  • You can also watch ad-free content with the downloader, on the free tier. 
  • You can also save the subtitles on your devices as SRT files. Watch them later on. 
  • You can also utilize the Batch download feature, which allows you to download several content or videos, all at once. 
  • You can also download the best movies and other content offline on any compatible device. The MP4 format makes it easy and convenient. 
  • The speed with which you can download the content, is really commendable. 

Download Offline Content From Peacock

You can now download the content to Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other gaming consoles. Moreover, you can also download it on Amazon Fire TV devices, as well. Peacock TV offers various genres of content for all entertainment aficionados. 

Questions You May Ask

  • Can you download shows on Peacock?

You can download content from Peacock, if you have the Premium Plus plan. 

  • Is FlixPal Free?

FlixPal has a trial period of 14-days, and it is not completely free. You can go for different plans priced at $19.9 and $59.9 monthly and annually, respectively.

  • Can You watch Peacock without ads?

You can watch ad-free content on the Premium Plus version. Additionally, you can use the flixpal peacock downloader, to watch ad-free on all tiers. 

  • What does Peacock have?

Peacock TV airs the best NBC content and also has Originals. It airs all the classic and recent content aired on NBC. It also features some exclusive TV shows. 

  • Is Peacock worth it?

It is worth it, due to the low cost. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest OTT platforms around. 


You can now watch all the best and entertaining content with the flixpal peacock downloader. The best part about this downloader is that, you can watch all the content on the move. You do not have to worry about the internet connectivity. So, get the downloader without anymore delay and watch series like Killing It now. 

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